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The Rose

Pearl (USA)
The Rose (United Kingdom)
The Tour (USA)

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1979 November, 7
125 minutes
Drama / Music / Romance
Production Company:
$ 8 500 000
Cumulative Worldwide Gross:
$ 29 174 648


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Bette Midler plays The Rose, a female rock star strikingly similar to Janis Joplin. The film follows Rose's career during her last tour, as she's determined to return to her Florida hometown. Although a success, she's exhausted and lonely but continued working by her gruff and greedy manager. Though loud and brassy, Rose is an insecure alcoholic and former drug user who seems to crave approval in her life. She begins a romance with a limousine driver, who's actually an AWOL sergeant from the United States Army. Her rock and roll lifestyle of Drugs, Sex, and Rock and Roll and constant touring lead her to an inevitable breakdown. - IMDb

Pearl USA
A Rosa Brazil
A Rosa Portugal
La rosa Argentina
La rosa Spain
La rosa Mexico
La rose Canada
The Rose United Kingdom
The Rose Italy
The Rose South Korea
The Rose USA
The Rose Australia
The Rose Canada
The Rose East Germany
The Rose West Germany
The Rose Denmark
The Rose Ecuador
The Rose Finland
The Rose France
Róża Poland
A Rózsa Hungary
To triandafyllo (transliterated title) Greece
The Tour USA
Vrtnica Slovenia
Το τριαντάφυλλο Greece
Роза Soviet Union
Розата Bulgaria
ローズ Japan
歌聲淚痕 Taiwan

Children's Cast:

David Hollander [10]

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