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Bronenosets Potemkin

The Armored Cruiser Potemkin (USA: alternative title)
Battleship Potemkin (USA)
The Battleship Potemkin (USA: video box title)
Potemkin (USA: informal title)

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1925 December, 24
Soviet Union
75 minutes
Drama / History / War
Production Company:
Cumulative Worldwide Gross:
$ 61 389


Based on the historical events the movie tells the story of a riot at the battleship Potemkin. What started as a protest strike when the crew was given rotten meat for dinner ended in a riot. The sailors raised the red flag and tried to ignite the revolution in their home port Odessa. - IMDb

В основе фильма - рассказ о мятеже на броненосце "Граф Потемкин" в 1905 г. Жители Одессы поддержали восстание моряков, что привело к кровавому расстрелу толпы царскими войсками.

Acorazado Potemkin (alternative title) Mexico
El Acorazado Potemkin Venezuela
El Acorazado Potemkin (South America)  
El Acorazado Potemkin Chile
El Acorazado Potemkin Colombia
El Acorazado Potemkin Spain
El Acorazado Potemkin Argentina
El Acorazado Potemkin Mexico
El Acorazado Potemkin Panama
El Acorazado Potemkin Peru
The Armored Cruiser Potemkin (alternative title) USA
Battleship Potemkin USA
Battleship Potemkin (World-wide)  
Battleship Potemkin (English title) Canada
Battleship Potemkin Australia
Battleship Potemkin UK
Battleship Potemkin (English title) Ireland
Battleship Potemkin (English title) India
Battleship Potemkin (English title) New Zealand
The Battleship Potemkin (video box title) USA
Bronenosetsut Potomkin (Bulgarian title) Bulgaria
Bronomzidi Potiomkini (Georgian title) Soviet Union
La corazzata Potemkin Italy
Crucisatorul Potemkin Romania
El Cuirassat Potemkin (Catalan title) Spain
Le cuirassé Potemkine (French title) Canada
Le cuirassé Potemkine (French title) Belgium
Le cuirassé Potemkine France
Kriznik Potemkin Czechoslovakia
Krstarica Potemkin Croatia
O Couraçado Potemkin Portugal
O Encouraçado Potemkin Brazil
Oklopnjača Potemkin Serbia
Pancernik Potiomkin Poland
Pansarkryssaren Potemkin Sweden
Pansarkryssaren Potemkin (Swedish title) Finland
Pansarskeppet Potemkin (Swedish title) Finland
Panserkrydseren Potemkin Denmark
Panserkrysseren Potemkin Norway
Panssarilaiva Potemkin Finland
Pantserkruiser Potemkin (Flemish title) Belgium
Pantserkruiser Potemkin (informal literal title) Netherlands
Panzerkreuzer Potemkin Germany
Panzerkreuzer Potemkin Austria
Patyomkin páncélos Hungary
Potemkin (informal title) USA
Potemkin (alternative transliteration) Greece
Potemkin zirhlisi (Turkish title) Turkey
Senkan Pochomukin (theatrical title) Japan
To thorikton Potemkin (reissue title) Greece
Θωρηκτόν Ποτέμκιν Greece
Броненосец Потёмкин Russia
Броненосец Потёмкин (Russian title) Soviet Union
Броненосецът *Потьомкин* (Bulgarian title) Bulgaria

Children's Cast:

A. Glauberman Wounded Boy

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