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Motocross Kids

Moto X Kids (USA: alternative spelling)
Motocross Kids (Australia)

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2004 January, 31
82 minutes
Action / Family
$ 3 000 000
Cumulative Worldwide Gross:
$ 2 462


Evan Hanson (Lorenzo Lamas) is the best motocross coach in the country. After leading his daughter Callie (Alana Austin) to the national championships, he decides to set his sites on a more personal challenge - saving a local dirt track from a motorcycle gang (Gary Busey) who are trying to take over the land from kids who ride there. But when Evan's best rider injuries himself before a winner takes all race, a surprising substitute teaches Evan and the kids that anything is possible.

Cody et les petits champions France
Frajeri na motorkách Slovakia
Kölykök két keréken Hungary
Moto Cross Kids France
Moto X Kids (alternative spelling) USA
Motocross - A Aventura Brazil
Motocross Kids Australia
Motocross Kids United Kingdom
Motocross Kids USA
Un'estate a tutto gas Italy

Children's Cast:

Josh Hutcherson [11] TJ
Nick Benson [9] Young Spokesperson
Wayne Dalglish [13] Spike
Alexa Nikolas [11] Katie
Robert Thomas Preston [11] Skeeter

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