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Lover of Loser

Also known as: Lover or Loser (World-wide)
Director: Dave Schram
Release: 23 Sep 2009
Country: Netherlands
Runtime: 110 minutes
Genre: Drama / Family

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Eva is afraid of her sex-obsessed stepfather Willem. Feeling forlorn, she meets Ricardo, a streetwise hustler who cheers her up, promising a trip to Paris. But instead he drags her to a sex club where she's held prisoner. Mees, on whom she has a crush, embarks on a desperate search to rescue her but his arrival at the sex club coincides with a police raid, at which point Eva is astonished to discover that Willem is actually an undercover vice cop. - IMDb

Children's Cast:

Abbey Hoes [15] Meisje club
Quinten Schram [17] Jesse
Martijn Lakemeier [16] Mees
Lucas Hamming Sem

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