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Also known as: Victor i pos na yiothetiseis enan pappou (Greece: DVD title)
Director: Thomas Gilou
Release: 7 Oct 2009
Country: France
Runtime: 95 minutes
Genre: Comedy

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To boost the dwindling sales of the magazine where she is an intern, Alice, 23, comes up with a nationwide competition to adopt Victor, 85 and alone in the world. Guillaume, his wife Sylvie and their kids win the contest and the cash that comes with it. They welcome Victor into their home, despite Sylvie's initial reluctance. The children love their new "grandpa", Guillaume's mother-in-law flirts with him and Sylvie is too busy having an affair with the magazine's editor-in-chief to care that Victor is spreading chaos in her household. Meanwhile, Alice uncovers Victor's past and realizes that she may have unwittingly let a wolf into the chicken coop. - IMDb

Children's Cast:

Manon Chevallier [11] Marguerite Saillard

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