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The Box

My Rating: /10
Rating:  awaiting 3 votes    IMDb

2009 September, 17
115 minutes
Drama / Mystery / Sci-Fi / Thriller
$ 30 000 000
Cumulative Worldwide Gross:
$ 33 334 176


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Director Richard Kelly has crafted yet another evocative, spectacular, maddening film guaranteed to provoke passionate love-it or hate-it responses. Though far more straightforward than his previous cult favorites, Donnie Darko or Southland Tales, The Box is crammed just as full of stunning visuals and ambiguous metaphysics. Norma and Arthur Lewis (Cameron Diaz of Charlie's Angels and James Marsden of X-Men) find a plainly wrapped package on their doorstep one day. Inside is a strange box with a large, red button--and if they press that button, explains a courtly but alarming-looking gentleman (Frank Langella, Frost/Nixon), they will receive a million dollars… and someone they don't know will die. This is but the starting point for an increasingly creepy tale, featuring eye-popping wallpaper, spontaneous nosebleeds, allusions to Jean-Paul Sartre, overly attentive library patrons, boxes of water, warehouses full of light, and a bell-ringing Santa Claus standing in the middle of a road. Some of it makes sense, some of it doesn't, but the person who's going to love this movie won't care. The Box's true power lies in the slow accumulation of dizzying hypnotic images and a tangible sense of unease and anticipation. Kelly aspires to capture the beauty and terror of existence on film; even if he doesn't succeed--and every viewer will have to decide that for himself or herself--his sheer ambition is remarkable. --Bret Fetzer

Брак Артура и Нормы трещит по швам: они постоянно ссорятся, к тому же молодая семья испытывает финансовые затруднения. Неожиданно супруги становятся счастливыми обладателями коробочки с кнопкой. Им объясняют что, если нажать на кнопку, они немедленно получат 1 млн. долларов. Одна тонкость — в этот момент где-то умрет совершенно незнакомый им человек…

La boîte (French title) Canada
The Box - C'è un regalo per te... (alternative title) Italy
The Box - Du bist das Experiment Germany
The Box. Pułapka Poland
A Caixa Brazil
La caja mortal Chile
La caja mortal Argentina
La caja (TV title) Spain
La caja Mexico
Cutia Romania
Deže Lithuania
A Doboz Hungary
Kaste Latvia
Kutija Croatia
Kutija Serbia
Kutu (Turkish title) Turkey
Laatikko Finland
Laegas Estonia
Presente de Morte Portugal
Skatla Slovenia
To kouti (transliterated title) Greece
Το Κουτί Greece
Кутията (Bulgarian title) Bulgaria
Посилка Ukraine
Посылка Russia
百萬殺人實驗 Taiwan
運命のボタン (Japanese title) Japan

Children's Cast:

Sam Oz Stone Walter Lewis
John Currie [10] Nosey Neighbor's Grandson
Kevin DeCoste [13] Malcolm

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