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Aka: Pan Pelikán (Czech Republic)
Director: Liisa Helminen
Year: 2004
Country: Finland
Runtime: 90 minutes
Genre: Adventure / Family / Fantasy
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17 Oct, 05:00

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Wanting to know the ways of people, a pelican turns into a gawky young man who soon learns to speak, thanks to his outstanding talent in imitation. He befriends Emil and Elsa, two children who--unlike adults--see that their new neighbor "Mr Berd" is not human but a big bird wearing a suit. The Pelican Man lands a job at the opera and falls in love with a pretty ballerina, looking so much like a bird herself. Troubles start when adults too find out about "Mr Berd's" ornithological origin. - IMDb

Children's Cast:

Inka Nuorgam Elsa
Roni Haarakangas [12] Emil

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