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Fathers' Day

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1997 May, 9
98 minutes
Comedy / Romance
$ 85 000 000
Cumulative Worldwide Gross:
$ 28 598 376


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Jack Lawrence is a smart aleck lawyer who is one day visited by an ex-girlfriend who tells him her kid was his. Enter Dale Putley, a depressed goofball who is also a writer, meets with the same ex-girlfriend who tells him her kid is his. One day Jack and Dale meet and discover what had happened: they've been told the same story and now there's a question of who the real father is. They learn their son is following a rock band called Sugar Ray around. So Jack and Dale hit the road to Sacramento and find their drunk, love-struck son. Soon after they bring him back to their hotel room, their son escapes and Jack and Dale must use teamwork to find him again, bring him home, and find out which one of them is the real father. - IMDb

Шестнадцатилетний Скотти удирает из дома в компании сомнительной девицы. Опасаясь за его судьбу, его мать звонит своим давним любовникам — преуспевающему адвокату Джеку Лоуренсу и драматургу-неудачнику Дейлу Патли — и каждому из них сообщает, что именно он и есть настоящий отец Скотти...

1 Dia 2 Pais Brazil
Apák napja Hungary
Dialexte baba (TV title) Greece
Drôles de pères France
Due padri di troppo Italy
Dzien ojca Poland
Efo Ha-Yeled? (Hebrew title) Israel
La fête des pères (French title) Canada
I ja sam tvoj tata Serbia
Isänpäivä Finland
O Dia dos Pais Portugal
Ockov dan Slovenia
Sürpriz babalar (Turkish title) Turkey
Två pappor för mycket Sweden
Un lío padre Spain
Un papá de sobra Argentina
Un papá de sobra Mexico
Un papá de sobra Peru
Un tata în plus Romania
Ein Vater zuviel Germany
Vi er din far Denmark
День отца Russia
Ние сме баща ти (Bulgarian title) Bulgaria

Children's Cast:

Charlie Hofheimer [16] Scott Andrews

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