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Mon meilleur ami

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2006 September, 12
94 minutes
Cumulative Worldwide Gross:
$ 14 687 738


François is a middle-aged antique dealer. He has a stylish apartment and a fabulous life, but at a dinner with a group he considers his dearest acquaintances, he is blindsided by the revelation that none of them actually likes him. He's arrogant, self-centered and harsh, and they don't believe he knows the meaning of friendship. His business partner Catherine makes him a bet: if he can produce his best friend, she will let him keep the massive Greek vase he acquired that afternoon on the company tab. If not, it's hers. Having accepted the wager, François naively tears through his address book, trying to shoehorn an increasingly unlikely series of contacts into the all-important role. Moving through Paris, he keeps encountering a trivia-spouting, big-hearted cabbie named Bruno. Bruno's chatty, lowbrow ways grate against François's designer temperament, but he covets the other man's easy way with people. He convinces Bruno to teach him how to make friends and sets about learning the "three S's" - being sociable, smiling and sincere - though they don't come easy. Ultimately, François victory will depend on Bruno's naiveté in playing along, but what's the cost of cheating at friendship? - IMDb

10 Dias Para Encontrar um Melhor Amigo Portugal
Boku no taisetsu na tomodachi Japan
Cel mai bun prieten al meu Romania
Mein bester Freund West Germany
Meu Melhor Amigo Brazil
El Meu millor amic Spain
Mi mejor amigo Argentina
Mi mejor amigo Spain
Mi mejor amigo Mexico
Mi mejor amigo Peru
Min bäste vän Sweden
Min bedste ven Denmark
Il mio migliore amico Italy
Mój najlepszy przyjaciel Poland
Mon meilleur ami France
Mon meilleur ami Canada
My Best Friend Finland
My Best Friend Norway
My Best Friend  
O kollitos mou (transliterated title) Greece
Sydänystäviä Finland
Van barátod? Hungary
Мій найкращий друг Ukraine
Мой лучший друг Russia
ぼくの大切なともだち Japan
我最好的朋友 Taiwan

Children's Cast:

Titouan Laporte [7] Léonardo
Marine Laporte [9] Britney

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