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Barbe bleue

Aka: Blue Beard (World-wide)
Bluebeard (World-wide)
Director: Catherine Breillat
Year: 2009
Country: France
Runtime: 80 minutes
Genre: Fantasy

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French provocateur Catherine Breillat’s (Romance, For My Sister) knowing interpretation of the traditional fairytale is a much less ambitious undertaking than her recent films, but is richer for its concise approach and the pleasure it takes in both the original material and the nimble freedom of shooting in digital. The film cuts between scenes of two young sisters hidden in an attic, engrossed in recounting the tale, and the gaudy costume dramatisation in which the conniving younger sister, ripe with girlish sexuality, has her way with a grizzly baron. Those versed in The Bloody Chamber, Angela Carter’s cunning feminist fairytale re-workings, and in the enchantment theories of Bruno Bettelheim, will find much to enjoy in Breillat’s rich, often humorous, textual play

Children's Cast:

Lola Créton [16] Marie-Catherine
Daphné Baiwir [17] Anne
Marilou Lopes-Benites Catherine

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