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The Big Heat

My Rating: /10
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1953 October, 14
90 minutes
Crime / / Thriller
Production Company:
Cumulative Worldwide Gross:
$ 6 324


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There's a satisfying sense of closure to the definitive noir kick achieved in The Big Heat: its director, Fritz Lang, had forged early links from German expressionism to the emergence of film noir, so it's entirely logical that the expatriate director would help codify the genre with this brutal 1953 film. Visually, his scenes exemplify the bold contrasts, deep shadows, and heightened compositions that define the look of noir, and he matches that success with the darkly pessimistic themes of this revenge melodrama.
The story coheres around the suicide of a crooked cop, and the subsequent struggle of an honest detective, Dave Bannion (Glenn Ford), to navigate between a corrupt city government and a ruthless mobster to uncover the truth. Initially, the violence here seems almost timid by comparison to the more explicit carnage now commonplace in films, yet the story accelerates as its plot arcs toward Bannion's showdown with kingpin Lagana (Alexander Scourby) and his psychotic henchman, the sadistic Vince Stone, given an indelible nastiness by Lee Marvin. When Bannion's wife is killed by a car bomb intended for the detective, both the hero and the story go ballistic: suspended from the force, he embarks on a crusade of revenge that suggests a template for Charles Bronson's Death Wish films, each step pushing Lagana and Stone toward a showdown. Bodies drop, dominoes tumbled by the escalating war between the obsessed Bannion and his increasingly vicious adversaries.
Lang's disciplined visual design and the performances (especially those of Ford, Marvin, Jeanette Nolan as the dead cop's scheming widow, and Gloria Grahame as Marvin's girlfriend) enable the film to transcend formula, as do several memorable action scenes--when an enraged Marvin hurls scalding coffee at the feisty Debby (Grahame), we're both shattered by the violence of his attack, and aware that he's shifted the balance of power. --Sam Sutherland

Детектив Дэйв Бэннион из отдела по расследованию убийств начинает непримиримую борьбу с преступным синдикатом и в короткие сроки обрезает все связи бандитов с городом и администрацией. Результат не заставляет себя ждать: от взрыва бомбы, предназначенной для Дэйва, погибает его жена. Преступники угрожают похитить ребенка, а на службе начинается сильное давление. Но Бэннион решает, что просто обязан завершить начатое дело...

Bannion Poland
Búcsúlevél Hungary
Corrupção Portugal
Els subornats (Catalan title) Spain
Fukushû wa ore ni makasero Japan
Gangsterien kuningas (informal title) Finland
Gangsterikuningas Finland
Gangsterkungen (Swedish title) Finland
Il grande caldo Italy
Heißes Eisen Austria
Heißes Eisen West Germany
I megali kapsa (reissue title) Greece
Jeg er loven Denmark
Lain puolustajat (informal title) Finland
Ölüm Korkusu (Turkish title) Turkey
Os Corruptos Brazil
Polishämnaren Sweden
Règlement de comptes (French title) Belgium
Règlement de comptes France
De Schrik op het lijf (Flemish title) Belgium
Los sobornados Spain
Los sobornados Mexico
Ta fota esvysan noris (reissue title) Greece
To megalo ktypima (transliterated ISO-LATIN-1 title) Greece
Tot het bittere einde Netherlands
Veliko uzbudjenje (literal title) Serbia
Сильная жара (Russian title) Soviet Union

Children's Cast:

Linda Bennett [11] Joyce Bannion

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