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Lepa sela lepo gore

Pretty Village, Pretty Flame (UK)

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Rating:  awaiting 3 votes    IMDb

1996 May, 9
 Federal Republic of Yugoslavia
115 minutes
Comedy / Drama / History / War
Cumulative Worldwide Gross:
$ 211


At the Belgrade army hospital, casualties of Bosnian civil war are treated. In the hospital they remember their youth and the war. Two young boys, Halil, a Muslim, and Milan, a Serb, have grown up together near a deserted tunnel linking the Yugoslav cities of Belgrade and Zagreb. They never dare go inside, as they believe an ogre resides there. Twelve years later, during the Bosnian civil war, Milan, who is trapped in the tunnel with his troop, and Halil, find themselves on opposing sides, fatefully heading toward confrontation. - IMDb

Группа бойцов ЮНА оказалась зажатой бандитами в тоннеле, по иронии судьбы построенным по приказу Тито во славу "Братства и единства...". Воины вспоминают мирную жизнь, детство... Не всем суждено выжить, но война отложила отпечаток на сознание выживших.

Bela Aldeia, Bela Chama Brazil
Bonito pueblo, bonita llama Argentina
Dörfer in Flammen Germany
Flammande byar Sweden
Joli village, jolie flamme France
Lepe vasi lepo gorijo Slovenia
Liekehtivät kylät Finland
Lijepa sela lijepo gore Croatia
Piękna wieś pięknie płonie Poland
Pretty Village, Pretty Flame UK
Pretty Village, Pretty Flame (World-wide)  
Pretty Village, Pretty Flame Australia
Pretty Village, Pretty Flame (English title) Canada
A Szép falvak szépen égnek Hungary
Τα όμορφα χωριά όμορφα καίγονται Greece
Красивите села, красиво горят (Bulgarian title) Bulgaria
Красивые деревни красиво горят Russia
Лепа села лепо горе Serbia
ボスニア (Japanese title) Japan

Children's Cast:

Admir Sehovic Mali Milan
Milos Djuricic Mali Halil

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