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Super Why! (TV series)

Super Why (United Kingdom)
Super Why! (Australia)

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2007 September, 3
30 minutes
Animation / Family
Production Company:

Super why is a great adventure to get kids to "look in a book!" Wyatt and his pals usually have to solve a problem by looking into a story and solving a puzzle. My infant son loves this show! I find myself singing and dancing to the beginning song! Alpha pig, Princess P, and Red all help Wyatt solve the problem. Great, educational show. - IMDb

Key and Peele Brazil
Những Người Bạn Thông Thái Vietnam
Super Why United Kingdom
Super Why! South Africa
Super Why! Australia
Super Why! Canada
Super Why! Canada
Super Why! India
Super Why! South Korea
Super Why! Philippines
Super Why! Taiwan
Super Why! USA
Ο Γουάι στο Παραμυθοχωριό Greece
Супер Почему! Russia

Children's Cast:

Dakota Goyo [9] Little Boy (TV Episode: Twas the Night Before Christmas) (2008)
Ariel Waller [9] Additional Voice (TV Episode: The Princess and the Pea) (2007)
Matthew Knight [13] Humpty Dumpty (TV Episode: Humpty Dumpty) (2007)
Samuel Faraci Littlest Pig
Demetrius Joyette [14] (TV Episode: Hansel and Gretel) (2007)
Scott Beaudin [15] Pauper / Hare (TV Episode: The Tortoise and the Hare) (2007)
Dylan Everett [12] Wolfy (TV Episode: Jasper's Cowboy Wish) (2007)
Jason Spevack [11] Newsboy (TV Episode: Comic Book: Attack of the Eraser) (2008)
Nathan McLeod [14] The Wolf (TV Episode: The Boy Who Cried Wolf) (2007)
Samantha Weinstein [13] Thumbelina / Swan Maiden (TV Episode: Thumbelina) (2008)
Jacob Ewaniuk [11] Mathia / Jasper (TV Episode: Jasper's Cowboy Wish) (2011)
Gage Munroe [11] Dragon (TV Episode: The Big Game) (2010)
Ricardo Hoyos [14] Additional Voice / Ugly Duckling Brother 1 (TV Episode: The Ugly Duckling: Becoming a Swan) (2009)
Jayden Greig Kids Voice / Kid
Millie Davis Serena / Dot (TV Episode: Super Puppy Saves the Day) (2007)
Devan Cohen Kid / Prince / Tilden (TV Episode: The Story of the Super Readers) (2015)
Christian Distefano [2] Leo / Aidan (TV Episode: The Sheep Who Lost Little Bo Peep) (2007)
T.J. McGibbon [10] Red Riding Hood (TV Episode: The Princess Who Loved Mud) (2015)
Ana Golja [16] Additional Voice / Girl (TV Episode: Zora's Art Adventure) (2012)
Brianna Daguanno [5] Little Bo Peep (TV Episode: The Sheep Who Lost Little Bo Peep) (2007)
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