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Super Why! (TV series)

Super Why (United Kingdom)
Super Why! (USA)

My Rating: /10
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2007 September, 3
30 minutes
Animation / Family
Production Company:

Super why is a great adventure to get kids to "look in a book!" Wyatt and his pals usually have to solve a problem by looking into a story and solving a puzzle. My infant son loves this show! I find myself singing and dancing to the beginning song! Alpha pig, Princess P, and Red all help Wyatt solve the problem. Great, educational show. - IMDb

Những Người Bạn Thông Thái Vietnam
Super Why United Kingdom
Super Why! Philippines
Super Why! USA
Super Why! Australia
Super Why! Canada
Super Why! South Korea
Super Why! Canada
Ο Γουάι στο Παραμυθοχωριό Greece
Супер Почему! Russia

Children's Cast:

Dakota Goyo [9] Little Boy (TV Episode: Twas the Night Before Christmas) (2008)
Ariel Waller [9] Additional Voice (TV Episode: The Princess and the Pea) (2007)
Matthew Knight [13] Humpty Dumpty (TV Episode: Humpty Dumpty) (2007)
Samuel Faraci Littlest Pig
Demetrius Joyette [14] (TV Episode: Hansel and Gretel) (2007)
Scott Beaudin [15] Pauper / Hare (TV Episode: The Tortoise and the Hare) (2007)
Dylan Everett [12] Wolfy (TV Episode: Jasper's Cowboy Wish) (2007)
Jason Spevack [11] Newsboy (TV Episode: Comic Book: Attack of the Eraser) (2008)
Nathan McLeod [14] The Wolf (TV Episode: The Boy Who Cried Wolf) (2007)
Samantha Weinstein [13] Thumbelina / Swan Maiden (TV Episode: Thumbelina) (2008)
Jacob Ewaniuk [11] Mathia / Jasper (TV Episode: Jasper's Cowboy Wish) (2011)
Gage Munroe [11] Dragon (TV Episode: The Big Game) (2010)
Ricardo Hoyos [14] Additional Voice / Ugly Duckling Brother 1 (TV Episode: The Ugly Duckling: Becoming a Swan) (2009)
Jayden Greig Kids Voice / Kid
Millie Davis Serena / Dot (TV Episode: Super Puppy Saves the Day) (2007)
Devan Cohen Kid / Prince / Tilden (TV Episode: The Story of the Super Readers) (2015)
Christian Distefano [2] Leo / Aidan (TV Episode: The Sheep Who Lost Little Bo Peep) (2007)
T.J. McGibbon [10] Red Riding Hood (TV Episode: The Princess Who Loved Mud) (2015)
Ana Golja [16] Additional Voice / Girl (TV Episode: Zora's Art Adventure) (2012)
Brianna Daguanno [5] Little Bo Peep (TV Episode: The Sheep Who Lost Little Bo Peep) (2007)
Landon Norris [13] Big Pig (TV Episode: Tom Thumb) (2007)