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How the West Was Won

How the West Was Won (USA)

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1962 November, 1
164 minutes
$ 15 000 000
Cumulative Worldwide Gross:
$ 76 729


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Sprawling epic which follows the Prescotts, an emigrant family through four generations, from the Erie Canal in the 1830's to their settled home in the West a half a century later. On the way they encounter river pirates, and escape with the help of fur trapper Linus Rawlings, who subsequently marries one of their daughters, Eve. The parents are drowned on a foundering raft, and the other daughter Lilith becomes a riverboat singer and catches the eye of a genteel adventurer Cleve Van Valen. They cross the plains together in a wagon train and make and lose a fortune in California; meanwhile Linus has turned farmer and, comes the Civil War, joins the Union Army and is killed at the Battle of Shiloh. One of his sons Zeb also joins the army and stays after the war as a cavalry officer and is sent to Colorado to help guard the pioneering railroad against the Indians, whose land they are crossing. By this time Lilith is the elderly lady of the family, having survived long enough to see the dream of settlement realized, but not, mercifully, the aerial shots of the Los Angeles freeway traffic with which the film ends. - IMDb

Эпизодический вестерн, показывающий эволюцию американского запада на примере трех поколений одной семьи.

Ako bol dobytý Západ Slovakia
Batının Zaferi Turkey
Chegone gharb taskhir shod Iran
La conquête de l'Ouest Belgium
La conquête de l'Ouest France
La conquête de l'Ouest Canada
La conquista del Oeste Spain
La conquista del oeste Mexico
La conquista del Oeste Argentina
La conquista del Oeste Peru
La conquista del West Italy
A Conquista do Oeste Portugal
A Conquista do Oeste Brazil
Cum a fost cucerit Vestul Romania
How the West Was Won Singapore
How the West Was Won South Africa
How the West Was Won USA
How the West Was Won Canada
How the West Was Won United Kingdom
How the West Was Won Netherlands
How the West Was Won India
How the West Was Won Australia
Jak byl dobyt Divoký západ Czechoslovakia
Jak byl Dobyt Západ Czechoslovakia
Jak zdobyto Dziki Zachód Poland
Kaifa gholeb algharb Egypt
Kako je osvojen divlji Zapad (literal title) Yugoslavia
Kako je osvojen Divlji Zapad Serbia
Näin valloitettiin Villi Länsi (video box title) Finland
Så erövrades Vilda Västern Finland
Så erövras Vilda Västern Finland
Så vanns vilda västern Sweden
A Vadnyugat hőskora Hungary
De Verovering van het Westen Belgium
Vi vandt vesten Denmark
Vi vant Vesten Norway
Vi vant ville Vesten Norway
Das War der wilde Westen Austria
Das War der wilde Westen West Germany
Das War der wilde Westen West Germany
Η κατάκτηση της Δύσης Greece
Война на Диком Западе Soviet Union
Завладяването на Дивия запад Bulgaria
Как Был Завоеван Запад Russia
Як підкорили захід Ukraine
西部开拓史 China
西部開拓史 Japan
西部開拓史 Taiwan
서부 개척사 South Korea

Children's Cast:

Stanley Livingston [11] Prescott Rawlings
Bryan Russell [9] Zeke Prescott
Kim Charney [17] Sam Prescott

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