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Miss March

Miss February (USA)
Miss March (USA)
Miss March: Generation Penetration (United Kingdom: long title)
Playboys (USA)

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2009 March, 13
90 minutes
Comedy / Romance
$ 6 000 000
Cumulative Worldwide Gross:
$ 4 591 629


A young man awakens from a four-year coma to hear that his once virginal high-school sweetheart has since become a centerfold in one of the world's most famous men's magazines. He and his sex-crazed best friend decide to take a cross-country road trip in order to crash a party at the magazine's legendary mansion headquarters and win back the girl. - IMDb

Kapak Güzeli Turkey
Miss February USA
Miss marca Poland
Miss marca Slovenia
Miss March USA
Miss March Sweden
Miss March Israel
Miss March South Africa
Miss March Canada
Miss March United Kingdom
Miss March Netherlands
Miss March Australia
Miss March India
Miss March Canada
Miss March Thailand
Miss March Philippines
Miss March (ungeniert - ungeschnitten) West Germany
Miss March: Generation Penetration (long title) United Kingdom
Miss Március Hungary
Miss Março Portugal
Miss Março: A Garota da Capa Brazil
Miss mars France
Miss Martios Greece
Miss Marzo Italy
Miss Marzo Argentina
Miss Marzo Spain
Miss Μάρτιος Greece
Playboys USA
Міс Березень Ukraine
Мис Март Bulgaria
Мисс Март Russia
お願い!プレイメイト Japan

Children's Cast:

Slade Pearce [13] Young Eugene
Remy Thorne [13] Young Tucker
Dalton O'Dell Eugene's Nephew
Joey Luthman [12] School Boy in Auditorium

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191. Miss March (2009)
Cumulative Worldwide Gross:
$ 4 591 629