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Bugsy Malone


Aka: Багси Мэлоун (Russia)
Director: Alan Parker
Year: 1976
Country: UK
Runtime: 93 minutes
Genre: Comedy / Crime / Family / Musical

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A gangster movie where all the gangsters are played by children. Instead of real bullets they use "splurge guns" that cover the victim in cream. The story tells of the rise of "Bugsy Malone" and the battle for power between "Fat Sam" and "Dandy Dan". - IMDb

Children's Cast:

Jodie Foster [14] Tallulah
Scott Baio [16] Bugsy
Florrie Dugger Blousey
John Cassisi [13] Fat Sam
Martin Lev [17] Dandy Dan
Paul Murphy Leroy Smith
Sheridan Earl Russell Knuckles
Albin 'Humpty' Jenkins Fizzy
Paul Chirelstein Smolsky
Andrew Paul [15] O'Dreary
Davidson Knight Cagey Joe
Michael Jackson Razamataz
Jeff Stevenson Louis
Peter Holder Ritzy
Donald Waugh Snake Eyes
Michael Kirkby Angelo
Jon Zebrowski Shoulders
Jorge Valdez Bronx Charlie
John Rafter Lee Benny Lee
Ron Meleleu Doodle
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