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Okhota na Piranyu

Aka: Hunting Piranha (USA: DVD title)
Piranha (World-wide)
Director: Andrey Kavun
Year: 2006
Country: Russia
Runtime: 167 minutes
Genre: Action / Crime / Thriller

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Agent of special department "Piranha" Kirill Mazur and his colleague Olga go to the far north with the assignment to liquidate an underwater secret weapon lab in the guise of a mutual vacation. All of a sudden, they find themselves in the world where civilization laws are forgotten, and this deadly weapons are kept by gangsters who are controlled by a new "master of taiga" Prohor, whose leisure time is spent hunting at humans. Mazur didn't know that he would have to trade his familiar gun for a hand-made bone knife, and save his companion and himself instead of saving the world. For them, this safari in northern forests would be no less dangerous as for the live targets. - IMDb

Children's Cast:

Artyom Kalun Prokhor as child

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