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Panic (Australia)

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2000 January, 22
88 minutes
Comedy / Crime / Drama
$ 1 000 000
Cumulative Worldwide Gross:
$ 779 137


Alex, a sad-eyed mournful man, goes into psychotherapy: he discloses he's a hit man. He also tells the doctor, after a few sessions, that he's attracted to a young woman he's met in the waiting room. She's Sarah, 23, quick, edgy, and perhaps attracted to him as well. But he's married, the dutiful father of a young precocious boy, so Sarah brushes him off. In flashbacks we see him get his start as a killer, at his father's prompting: it's the family business. Dad gives Alex his next assignment: to kill the therapist. Alex keeps returning to Sarah, calling her, stopping by her apartment, as he decides what to do about the hit, his father, his marriage, and his malaise. - IMDb

Их семейный бизнес приносил хорошие деньги: убийство по найму — дорогая работа. Но однажды Алекс решил завязать. Он почувствовал, что устал. Устал убивать. Но не учел одного, что его отец так или иначе найдет способ устранить проблему, чтобы спасти дело, которому посвятил всю свою жизнь.

Atac de panica Romania
Panic Australia
Panic Canada
Panic Ecuador
Panic (video box title) Finland
Panic France
Panic United Kingdom
Panic USA
Panic - Der Tod hat Tradition West Germany
Pánico Spain
Pánico Mexico
Pânico Brazil
Pânico Portugal
Pánico Argentina
Panik Sweden
Pánik Hungary
Panika Czechoslovakia
Panika Slovakia
Panikos (transliterated title) Greece
Przerażenie Poland
Volte-face Canada
Πανικός Greece
Паника Russia
パニック/脳壊 Japan

Children's Cast:

Thomas Curtis [8] Alex - Age 7
David Dorfman [6] Sammy

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