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CBS Children's Film Festival (TV series 1967-1978)

CBS Saturday Film Festival (USA: cut version)

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1967 February, 5
Production Company:

Kukla, Fran and Ollie hosted this film program. They would introduce children's films from around the world. In between, the three would act in short skits. - IMDb

CBS Saturday Film Festival (cut version) USA

Children's Cast:

John Holmes [7] David (TV Episode: Friend or Foe) (1977)
Ian Ellis Dumbo (TV Episode: The Magnificent Six and a Half) (1973)
Vladimír Dlouhý [15] Adam (TV Episode: Jumping Over Puddles) (1973)
Fiona Kennedy Leslie (TV Episode: Mauro the Gypsy) (1974)
Julie Dawn Cole [17] Nicola (TV Episode: Paganini Strikes Again) (1974)
Slavko Stimac [13] Ranko (TV Episode: The Lone Wolf) (1973)
Phil Daniels [16] Billy (TV Episode: Anoop and the Elephant) (1974)
Linda Robson [16] Linda (TV Episode: Anoop and the Elephant) (1974)
Perry Benson [14] Maurice / Ted (TV Episode: What Next?) (1975)
Andrew Bowen [16] Mike (TV Episode: Paganini Strikes Again) (1974)
Raymond Boal [13] Johnny (TV Episode: Where's Johnny?) (1975)
Dexter Fletcher [10] Joey Graham (TV Episode: Chimpmates) (1976)
Mark Luxford [8] Tucky (TV Episode: Friend or Foe) (1977)
Vincent Hall Tim (TV Episode: The Firefighters) (1976)

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