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Poltergeist III

Poltergeist III (United Kingdom)
Poltergeist III: The Final Chapter (Australia)
Poltergeist III: We're Back (USA)

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1988 June, 10
98 minutes
Horror / Thriller
Production Company:
$ 10 500 000
Cumulative Worldwide Gross:
$ 14 114 488


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As sequels go, Poltergeist II has the advantage of retaining most of the original film's cast (although the absence of the actress Dominique Dunne, a murder victim, is not explained). It's still not enough to turn this dreary outing into a passable horror movie. The terrorized Freeling family has moved from their haunted house, but the bothersome ghosties are not finished with them yet. The lame scares include a sequence built around Craig T. Nelson swallowing a demon worm from a tequila bottle and then regurgitating it. Far more frightening is the wizened face of theater legend Julian Beck, who appears as a foreboding old guy with bad news for the Freelings: "Yer all gonna die!"
Poltergeist III recruits only blond cherub Heather O'Rourke (who died before the film's release) and dwarf psychic Zelda Rubinstein from the first movies. The action has shifted to a Chicago high-rise, where little Carol Anne's otherworldly gift is being studied (Tom Skerritt and Nancy Allen play the uncle and aunt she boards with). Director Gary Sherman tries to get some ideas going with mirror images, but the bargain-basement atmosphere and the limited special effects undercut the movie at every turn. - Robert Horton

Теперь Кэрол Энн живет у тети и дяди в Чикаго. Родители надеялись спрятать здесь девочку от преподобного Кэйна. Поначалу все было хорошо. Но однажды она остается ночью одна дома. Она видит какое-то движение в окне, а затем - отражение в зеркале. Выясняется, что Кэйну все-таки удалось выследить Кэрол Энн, и ей снова угрожает смертельная опасность...

Duch III Poland
Hlučný duch 3: Temná stránka zla Slovakia
Hlučný duch 3: Temná stránka zla Czechoslovakia
I ekdikisi ton daimonon (transliterated title) Greece
Juegos diabólicos 3 Mexico
Juegos diabólicos III Mexico
Kopogó szellem 3. Hungary
Kötü Ruh 3 Turkey
Kućni duh 3 Serbia
Poltergeist 3 Finland
Poltergeist III United Kingdom
Poltergeist III USA
Poltergeist III Canada
Poltergeist III Finland
Poltergeist III (original subtitled version) Uruguay
Poltergeist III Denmark
Poltergeist III France
Poltergeist III (literal title) Venezuela
Poltergeist III Argentina
Poltergeist III Portugal
Poltergeist III Canada
Poltergeist III Italy
Poltergeist III Spain
Poltergeist III - Cresce o Pavor Brazil
Poltergeist III - Die dunkle Seite des Bösen West Germany
Poltergeist III - Eles Estão Aí Portugal
Poltergeist III - Eles Estão de Volta Portugal
Poltergeist III - O Capítulo Final (reissue title) Brazil
Poltergeist III: O Capítulo Final Brazil
Poltergeist III: The Final Chapter Australia
Poltergeist III: We're Back USA
Yêu Tinh 3 Vietnam
Η εκδίκηση των δαιμόνων Greece
Полтергейст 3 Soviet Union
Полтергейст III Ukraine
Полтъргайст III Bulgaria
पोल्टरगाइस्ट III India
ポルターガイスト3 少女の霊に捧ぐ… Japan

Children's Cast:

Heather O'Rourke [12] Carol Anne Freeling

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$ 14 114 488