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The Boxer

The Boxer (USA)

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1997 December, 31
113 minutes
Drama / Romance / Sport
Cumulative Worldwide Gross:
$ 16 534 578


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Nineteen-year-old Danny Flynn is imprisoned for his involvement with the I.R.A. in Belfast. He leaves behind his family and his sixteen-year-old girlfriend, Maggie Hamill. Fourteen years later, Danny is released from prison and returns to his old working class neighborhood to resume his life as a boxer, fighting and opening a boxing club training aspiring boxers. Maggie has since married Danny's best friend, who is also imprisoned for his I.R.A. activities. Although he has not denounced the I.R.A. or denigrated his I.R.A. colleagues, Danny has decided to live a life free of political violence. His boxing club is nonsectarian, open to both Catholics and Protestants. This move irks some of his old I.R.A. colleagues since they feel working with the Protestants will not resolve their David versus Goliath struggle. Danny's old I.R.A. colleagues, especially their unofficial leader Harry, resort to traditional tactics of violence to stop Danny. Maggie's father, Joe, also an I.R.A. activist, does not condone the violence against Danny as he is working through peaceful means to free I.R.A. prisoners (including Maggie's husband), but also does not want Maggie to resume her past relationship with Danny, a man who he sees as having no future. Amidst this turmoil, Danny and Maggie dream of a life together, also taking into account Maggie's wedded status and the feelings of her teen-aged son, Liam. [Originally by: Huggo] - IMDb

Boksar Slovenia
Bokser Poland
Bokseren Norway
Boksininkas Lithuania
Boksör Turkey
Boxaren Sweden
El Boxeador Mexico
Boxer Czechoslovakia
Boxer Slovakia
The Boxer - nyrkkeilijä Finland
Der Boxer West Germany
The Boxer Italy
The Boxer USA
The Boxer Australia
The Boxer Canada
The Boxer Finland
The Boxer Ecuador
The Boxer Ireland
The Boxer Spain
The Boxer (video box title) Finland
The Boxer France
The Boxer United Kingdom
The Boxer Greece
Boxer. Golpe a la vida Mexico
Boxerul Romania
Le boxeur Canada
A Bunyós Hungary
Golpe a la ira Argentina
Golpe a la vida Argentina
Golpe a la vida Uruguay
O Boxeur Portugal
O Lutador Brazil
Poksija Estonia
Боксер Serbia
Боксер Russia
Боксер Ukraine
Боксьорът Bulgaria
ボクサー(1997) Japan
敢愛敢鬥 Taiwan

Children's Cast:

Ciarán Fitzgerald [14] Liam

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