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Going the Distance (Video)

Going the Distance (United Kingdom)
National Lampoon's Going the Distance (USA: DVD box title)

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2004 August, 20
93 minutes
Comedy / Romance
Production Company:
Cumulative Worldwide Gross:
$ 1 752 950


He may have just graduated but Nick has it all figured out - marriage, a lucrative career and a totally different lifestyle from that of his West Coast hippy parents. When he discovers that his future wife may be falling prey to a powerful and oversexed music producer, Nick is determined to fly to Toronto to win her back. Lifelong buds and dedicated surfers Tyler and Dime have other ideas for their staid best friend - the road trip adventure of his life. With only three days to make it to the MuchMusic Video Awards, the unlikely road warriors head off. Two sexy hitchhikers, Sasha and Jill, complicate matters and a series of accidents, orchestrated by a malevolent stranger, sabotage the trip turning Nick's future plans upside down. - IMDb

Canadian Pie France
Com o Pé na Estrada Brazil
Con un pie en la calle Argentina
Get On Canada
Going the Distance Singapore
Going the Distance United Kingdom
Going the Distance India
Going the Distance Australia
Going the Distance South Africa
Going the Distance Mexico
Going the Distance Canada
Going the Distance Ecuador
Going the Distance Philippines
La grande débandade Canada
Hé, haver, nyomd a verdát! Hungary
Jazda na maksa Poland
Much Music Movie Canada
National Lampoon's Going the Distance (DVD box title) USA
Recorriendo el camino (cable TV title) Argentina
Road Party West Germany
Vado, vedo... vengo! Un viaggio tutte curve Italy
Держись до конца Russia
Тримайся до кінця (new title) Ukraine

Children's Cast:

Devin Douglas Drewitz [15] Bratty Kid #1

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Cumulative Worldwide Gross:
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