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The Apostle

The Apostle (Australia)

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1997 September, 6
134 minutes
Production Company:
$ 5 000 000
Cumulative Worldwide Gross:
$ 19 868 354


Eulis 'Sonny' Dewey is a preacher from Texas living a happy life with his beautiful wife Jessie. Suddenly his stable world crumbles: Jessie is having an affair with young minister Horace. Sonny gets enraged and hits Horace with a softball bat, putting him into a coma. After that he leaves town, takes a new name, 'Apostle E.F.' and goes to Louisiana. There he starts to work as a mechanic for local radio station owner Elmo, and Elmo lets him preach on the radio. E.F. starts to preach everywhere: on the radio, on the streets, and with his new friend, Reverend Blackwell he starts a campaign to renovate an old church. - IMDb

Apaštalas Lithuania
Apostel! Austria
Apostel! West Germany
Apostelen Norway
Aposteln Sweden
The Apostle Australia
The Apostle Canada
The Apostle Ecuador
The Apostle United Kingdom
The Apostle India
The Apostle USA
Az Apostol Hungary
El Apóstol Argentina
El Apóstol (original subtitled version) Uruguay
Apostoli Finland
L'apostolo Italy
Apostoł Poland
Camino al cielo Spain
O Apóstolo Brazil
O Apóstolo Portugal
O apostolos (transliterated title) Greece
Le prédicateur Canada
Le prédicateur France
Ο απόστολος Greece
Апостол Russia
Апостол Ukraine
Апостолът Bulgaria
ジ・アポストル Japan
來自天上的聲音 Taiwan

Children's Cast:

Christina Stojanovich [8] Jessie Jr.

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