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La caja 507


Also known as: Box 507 (World-wide)
Director: Enrique Urbizu
Release: 23 Aug 2002
Country: Spain
Runtime: 104 minutes
Genre: Action / Drama / Thriller

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Bankmanager Modesto Pardos(played by Antonio Resines) daughter dies in an forest fire while camping. 7 years later Pardos bank gets robbed and robbers breaks open numerous safe deposit boxes. After the robbery Pardo by mistake look into one of the depositboxes and stumbles across some very strange documents that proves that his daughters death is not an accident but murder. Pardo swears to take revenge on all those involved but doesn't know that papers belongs to a very powerful mob boss who is looking for the papers and will stop at nothing to get them. - IMDb

Children's Cast:

Dafne Fernández [17] María Pardo Muñoz

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