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Dr. Ehrlich's Magic Bullet

The Story of Dr. Ehrlich's Magic Bullet (UK)

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1940 February, 8
103 minutes
Biography / Drama
Production Company:
Cumulative Worldwide Gross:
$ 205


Dr. Paul Ehrlich was the German physician who developed the first synthetic antimicrobial drug, 606 or Salvarsan. The film describes how Ehrlich first became interested in the properties of the then-new synthetic dyes and had an intuition that they could be useful in the diagnosis of bacterial diseases. After this work met with success, Ehrlich proposed that synthetic compounds could be made to selectively target and destroy disease causing microorganisms. He called such a drug a "magic bullet". The film describes how in 1908, after 606 attempts, he succeeded. - IMDb

606, die Zauberkugel Austria
A 606. kísérlet Hungary
A Ampola Miraculosa Portugal
La bala mágica Venezuela
La balle magique du Docteur Ehrlich France
Doktor Ehrlich Sweden
Doktor Ehrlich Greece
Eksperyment doktora Ehrlicha Poland
Die Lebensgeschichte Paul Ehrlichs Germany
Het leven van Dr. Ehrlich Netherlands
Paul Ehrlich - Ein Leben für die Forschung West Germany
El Quinto jinete del Apocalipsis Mexico
The Story of Dr. Ehrlich's Magic Bullet UK
Tri Ehrlichin taikakuula Finland
Un uomo contro la morte Italy
A Vida do Dr. Ehrlich Brazil

Children's Cast:

Ann E. Todd [8] Marianne
Rolla Stewart Steffi

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