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Swindled (USA)

My Rating: /10
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2004 July, 9
110 minutes
Crime / Thriller / Drama
Production Company:
Cumulative Worldwide Gross:
$ 1 310 045


A con man finds himself up against an adversary he hasn't the strength to challenge in this crime drama from Spain. Ernesto (Ernesto Alterio) is a man who grew up learning the easier way to get out of trouble was to lie, and over the years, he's built a career out of his gift for twisting the truth as a con man. Teaming up with two experienced grifters, Manco (Manuel Alexandre) and Federico (Federico Luppi), Ernesto is able to pull off a major scam involving the Spanish Army that scores the three a major payday. This should put Ernesto and his partners on Easy Street, but things begin to go sour when Ernesto is reunited with a former girlfriend, Pilar (Victoria Abril). Ernesto is a soft touch for anything that Pilar might suggest, and when she plots a big con for him and his partners, he offers no objections. However, when Manco dies under hazy circumstances and Ernesto's childhood pal Gipsy (Alejandro Casaseca) conveniently appears wanting to take his place, Ernesto begins to suspect that he may be the one being scammed. - Mark Deming, All Movie Guide

Четверо мошенников успешно проворачивают свои делишки, пока один из них не приглашает в дело свою любовницу Пилар. Хитрая мошенница предлагает друзьям заняться по-настоящему крупной аферой: кинуть на деньги приятеля ее мужа. Чтобы обдурить жертву, применяются все возможные средства: подставные министры, адвокаты, священники и компаньоны, а также "личный" самолет, роскошные отели, лимузины и хитроумные финансовые ловушки. Одно плохо: с появлением Пилар у друзей постепенно пропадает доверие друг к другу.

Piégés France
A Svindlerek királya Hungary
Swindled USA
Корпорация аферистов Russia

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Children's Cast:

Sergio Lopez

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