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The Boy Who Could Fly

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1986 August, 15
114 minutes
Drama / Fantasy
Cumulative Worldwide Gross:
$ 7 177 431


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Charlene Michaelson, her two children - teen-aged Amelia 'Milly' Michaelson and precocious adolescent Louis Michaelson - and their dog Max move into a new house in a new neighborhood after the passing of Charlene's husband/the kids' father, Donald Michaelson. Beyond life without Donald, they are all nervous about starting a new life, which, for Charlene, means getting back into the workforce after thirteen years. Milly quickly settles into the neighborhood if only because she becomes fascinated with their next door neighbor, teen-aged Eric Gibb, who authorities believe is autistic. Orphaned Eric has never spoken a word, and without having been told about the incident, began to think he could fly at the exact moment his parents died in a plane crash. Many believe Eric's belief is because he felt he could thus save his parents. Eric's guardian is his dipsomaniac Uncle Hugo Gibb. Milly's high school teacher, Mrs. Carolyn Sherman, who used to be a special needs teacher, looks after Eric as much as anyone. Mrs. Sherman believes that having Eric in her class with "normal" students is a positive environment for him, unlike the authorities who believe he should be institutionalized. Milly's official and unofficial tasks become to see what lies deep within Eric's psyche, and if there really is any validity to what people think Eric believes. - IMDb

Милли, Льюис и их недавно овдовевшая мама переезжают в новый район. Жизнь идет своим чередом, но однажды Милли знакомится с Эриком, мальчиком страдающим аутизмом, который живет по соседству. Между Эриком, который никогда ни с кем не входил в контакт, и Милли возникает тонкая душевная связь, которая навсегда изменит их жизни.

El Chico que podía volar Peru
Drengen, der ville flyve Denmark
Eric hebt ab West Germany
Erics hemlighet Sweden
Gutten som kunne fly Norway
Der Knabe, der fliegen konnte West Germany
Más allá de la realidad Spain
Més enllà de la realitat (Catalan title) Spain
Miryi shonen wa sora o tonda Japan
Nas Asas da Imaginação Portugal
El Niño que podía volar Argentina
O chłopcu, który umiał latać Poland
O Garoto que Podia Voar Brazil
Poika joka osasi lentää Finland
Pojken som kunde flyga (Swedish title) Finland
Il ragazzo che sapeva volare Italy
Rendez-Vous dans les Nuages (literal title) France
Repül a haverom Hungary
Si quieres puedes volar Mexico
Мальчик, который умел летать (Russian title) Soviet Union
Момчето, което можеше да лети (Bulgarian title) Bulgaria
ミリイ 少年は空を飛んだ (Japanese title) Japan

Children's Cast:

Fred Savage [10] Louis
Lucy Deakins [14] Milly

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