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Squadra, La (Italy, 2000)
Squale, La (France, 2000)
Square Dance (USA, 1987)
Square Deal Man, The (USA, 1917)
Square One TV (USA, 1987)
Square Pegs (USA, 1982)
Square Shoulders (USA, 1929)
Square, The (Australia, 2008)
Squaw Man, The (USA, 1931)
Squaw Tschapajews, Die (East Germany, 1973)
Squawk Box (Canada, 1994)
Squeak and Boo (Australia, 2013)
Squeaky Clean (USA, 2010)
Squeaky Mulligan, the Talking Cat (USA, 1947)
Squealer, The (USA, 1930)
Squeeze, The (USA, 2015)
Squid and the Whale, The (USA, 2005)
Squirrel (West Germany, 1955)
Squirrel (USA, 2017)
Squonk, The (Germany, 2017)
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