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75409 films in database

Li ti qi bing (1989)    Taiwan
Li Tong (2009)    China
Li xiao long (2010)    Hong Kong, China
Li'l Mayne and The Knuckleheads (2019)    USA
Liaisons dangereuses, Les (2003)    Canada, France, UK
Liam (2000)    UK, Germany, France, Italy
Lian shou jing tan (1991)    Hong Kong, China
Liane (1996)    Germany
Liane, das Mädchen aus dem Urwald (1956)    West Germany
Liane: Die Weisse Sklavin (1957)    West Germany, Italy
Liang zhi lao hu (1985)    Taiwan, Hong Kong
Liangjia funu (1986)    China
Liar (2013)    UK
Liar Liar (1997)    USA
Liar's Dice (2013)    India
Liar's Moon (1981)    USA
Liar, Liar (1993)    Canada
Liar, Liar, Vampire (2015)    USA
Liars' Club, The (1993)    USA
Libahunt (1968)    Soviet Union
Líbás jako buh (2009)    Czech Republic
Líbás jako dábel (2012)    Czech Republic
Libby (2015)    Spain
Libby and Malcolm (2017)    USA
Libeled Lady (1936)    USA
Libenský carodej (1988)    Czechoslovakia
Libera me (2000)    South Korea
Liberating Jesse (2011)    USA
Liberators, The (1987)    USA
Liberdade 21 (2008)    Portugal
Liberdade, Liberdade (2016)    Brazil
Liberi di scegliere (2019)    Italy
Liberian Boy (2015)    France, Canada
Liberté d'aimer, La (1992)    France
Liberté-Oléron (2001)    France
Libertin, Le (2000)    France
Liberty Crossing (2018)    USA
Liberty Heights (1999)    USA
Liberty Kid (2007)    USA
Liberty Lane (2009)    USA
Liberty Stands Still (2002)    Germany, Canada
Liberty's Kids: Est. 1776 (2002)    USA
Libertyville (2008)    USA
Libonatti, Los (1991)    Argentina
Libraire de l'ambigu, Le (1995)    France
Librarian from the Black Lagoon, The (2007)    USA
Librarian: The Curse of the Judas Chalice, The (2008)    USA
Librarians, The (2014)    USA
Library, The (2013)    USA
Libre (2002)    France, Senegal
Libre et assoupi (2014)    France
Libro de piedra, El (2009)    Mexico
Libro de piedra, El (1969)    Mexico
Libros, Los (1974)    Spain
Liceale al mare con l'amica di papà, La (1980)    Italy
Liceenii (1986)    Romania
Licenciado Cantinas the movie (2012)    USA, Spain
Licencja na wychowanie (2010)    Poland
License to Drive (1988)    USA
License to Kill (1984)    USA
License to Wed (2007)    USA, Australia
Liceum czarnej magii (2000)    Poland
Lichnaya zhizn doktora Silivanovoy (2007)    Russia
Lichnaya zhizn sledovatelya Saveleva (2012)    Russia, Ukraine
Lichniy obstoyatelstva (2012)    Russia
Lichnoe delo (2014)    Ukraine
Lichnoe delo sudi Ivanovoy (1986)    Soviet Union
Lichnost ne ustanovlena (2017)    Russia
Lichnoye delo mayora Baranova (2012)    Russia
Licht auf dem Galgen, Das (1976)    East Germany
Licht über dem Wasser (2009)    Germany
Lichtenbergs - zwei Brüder, drei Frauen und jede Menge Zoff, Die (2014)    Germany
Lichter (2003)    Germany
Licia dolce Licia (1987)    Italy
Lick (2009)    USA
Lidé jako ty (1960)    Czechoslovakia
Lidé z metra (1974)    Czechoslovakia
Lider (1984)    Soviet Union
Lidice (2011)    Czech Republic, Slovakia
Lie to Me (2009)    USA
Lie with Me (2010)    UK
Liebe am Abgrund (1993)    Germany
Liebe am Fjord (2010)    Germany
Liebe dumme Mama (1934)    Germany
Liebe eines Priesters, Die (2005)    Austria, Germany
Liebe entgegen, Der (2002)    Germany
Liebe Familie, Die (1957)    Austria
Liebe Familie, Die (1980)    Austria
Liebe für Fortgeschrittene (2008)    Austria, Germany
Liebe hat das letzte Wort, Die (2004)    Germany
Liebe in anderen Umständen (2009)    Germany
Liebe in letzter Minute (2003)    Germany
Liebe ist das schönste Geschenk (2007)    Germany
Liebe kann lügen (1937)    Germany
Liebe kommt mit dem Christkind, Die (2010)    Austria, Germany
Liebe kommt selten allein, Die (2006)    Germany
Liebe macht sexy (2009)    Germany
Liebe meines Lebens, Die (2001)    Germany
Liebe mit 16 (1974)    East Germany
Liebe möglicherweise (2016)    Austria
Liebe muss verstanden sein (1933)    Germany
Liebe nach Rezept (2007)    Germany
Liebe ohne Minze (2011)    Germany
Liebe und andere Unfälle (2012)    Switzerland
Liebe unter siebzehn (1971)    West Germany
Liebe unter Verdacht (2002)    Germany
Liebe vergisst man nicht (2010)    Germany
Liebe verlernt man nicht (2009)    Germany
Liebe, Babys und der Zauber Afrikas (2009)    Germany
Liebe, Babys und ein großes Herz (2006)    Germany
Liebe, Babys und ein Herzenswunsch (2011)    Germany
Liebe, Babys und ein Neuanfang (2012)    Germany
Liebe, Babys und ein Stückchen Heimat (2011)    Germany
Liebe, Babys und Familienglück (2010)    Germany
Liebe, Babys und gestohlenes Glück (2012)    Germany
Liebe, Jazz und Übermut (1957)    West Germany
Liebe, Lügen und Geheimnisse (1999)    Germany
Liebende, Die (2000)    Germany
Lieber böser Weihnachtsmann (1999)    Germany
Lieber Brad (2001)    Switzerland
Lieber guter Weihnachtsmann (1983)    East Germany
Liebesbriefe einer portugiesischen Nonne, Die (1977)    West Germany, Switzerland
Liebesdienerin, Die (1999)    Germany
Liebesfeuer (1925)    Germany
Liebesgeschichten (1943)    Germany
Liebeskommando (1931)    Germany
LiebesLeben (2005)    Germany
Liebesleben (2007)    Germany, Israel
Liebeslied (2009)    Germany
Liebhaber meiner Frau, Der (2020)    Germany
Liebling, bring die Hühner ins Bett (2002)    Germany
Liebling, lass die Hühner frei (2017)    Germany
Liebling, weck die Hühner auf (2009)    Germany
Liebte der Osten anders? - Sex im geteilten Deutschland (2006)    Germany
Lieder klingen am Lago Maggiore (1962)    Switzerland, West Germany
Liefde & geluk (2001)    Belgium
Liefhebbers, De (2019)    Netherlands
Liefje (2001)    Netherlands
Liefs uit de Linnaeusstraat (2005)    Netherlands
Liegende doos, De (1995)    Belgium
Lien, Le (2007)    France, Belgium
Liens de sang, Les (1978)    Canada, France
Liens du coeur, Les (1996)    France
Liens du coeur, Les (2016)    France
Liens du sang, Les (2008)    France
Lies and Crimes (2007)    Canada
Lies I Told My Little Sister (2014)    USA
Lies in Plain Sight (2010)    USA
Lies My Father Told Me (1975)    Canada
Lies My Mother Told Me (2005)    Canada, USA
Lies of the Heart: The Story of Laurie Kellogg (1994)    USA
Liesbeth Slaap Uit (1976)    South Africa
Liesl Karlstadt und Karl Valentin (2008)    Germany
Lieu du crime, Le (1986)    France
Lieutenant at Arms (2018)    Australia
Lieutenant Colonel (1987)    Thailand
Lieutenant Pie's Love Story (1913)    UK
Lieutenant, The (1963)    USA
Lieve lust (2005)    Netherlands
Lieve Mama (2020)    Netherlands
Lieve Sint (2012)    Netherlands
Life (2015)    UK, USA, Germany, Canada, Australia
Life (2007)    USA
Life (2013)    Denmark
Life (2017)    USA
Life & Times of Tim, The (2008)    USA
Life @ Stipe (2019)    USA
Life According to Sam (2013)    USA
Life After (2004)    Canada
Life After (2016)    India
Life After First Failure (2017)    USA
Life and Death of Peter Sellers, The (2004)    USA, UK
Life and Hard Times of Guy Terrifico, The (2005)    Canada
Life and Legend of Wyatt Earp, The (1955)    USA
Life and Times of Eddie Roberts, The (1980)    USA
Life and Times of Grizzly Adams, The (1977)    USA
Life as a House (2001)    USA
Life As We Know It (2004)    USA
Life as We Know It (2010)    USA
Life at 9 (2014)    Australia
Life at the Top (1965)    UK
Life Before This, The (1999)    Canada
Life Begins (2004)    UK
Life Begins (1932)    USA
Life Begins at 40 (1935)    USA
Life Begins for Andy Hardy (1941)    USA
Life Begins with Love (1937)    USA
Life Bites (2008)    UK
Life Briefly (2017)    USA
Life Chest Adventures (2018)    USA
Life Chronicles 1:Another (2002)    USA
Life Doesn't Frighten Me (2012)    Canada
Life During Wartime (2009)    USA
Life Exchange, The (2014)    USA
Life Experiment, The (2009)    USA
Life Fine Tuned (2011)    USA
Life for a Life, A (2013)    USA
Life Goes On (1989)    USA
Life Grows On (2014)    USA
Life Hesitates at 40 (1935)    USA
Life in a Day (1999)    Canada
Life in a Nutshell (2003)    Canada
Life in a Year (2019)    USA
Life in Color (2014)    USA
Life in Danger (1959)    UK
Life in Emergency Ward 10 (1959)    UK
Life in Flight (2008)    USA
Life in Pieces (2015)    USA
Life in the Day, A (1986)    USA
Life Is a Gift (2014)    USA
Life Is Hot in Cracktown (2009)    USA
Life Is Not a Fairytale: The Fantasia Barrino Story (2006)    USA
Life Is Ruff (2005)    USA
Life Is Wild (2007)    USA
Life Isn't All Ha Ha Hee Hee (2005)    UK
Life Itself (2018)    USA
Life Lessons (2011)    USA
Life Lessons (2008)    USA
Life Like Mine, A (2013)    UK
Life of an Actress (1927)    USA
Life of Bern, The (2020)    USA
Life of Cardboard, The (2011)    Australia
Life of Crime (2013)    USA
Life of Emile Zola, The (1937)    USA
Life of Her Own, A (1950)    USA
Life of Jess (2018)    Australia
Life of Jimmy Dolan, The (1933)    USA
Life of Josutty (2015)    India
Life of Pi (2012)    USA, Taiwan, UK
Life of Riley (2009)    UK
Life of Riley, The (1949)    USA
Life of Riley, The (1949)    USA
Life of Riley, The (1953)    USA
Life of the Party (2013)    USA
Life of the Party (2017)    Canada
Life of Vergie Winters, The (1934)    USA
Life on a Stick (2005)    USA
Life on Liberty Street (2004)    USA
Life on Mars (2008)    USA
Life on Mars (2006)    UK
Life on Mars (2008)    USA
Life on the Flipside (1988)    USA
Life on the Line (2015)    USA
Life or Something Like It (2002)    USA
Life Out There (2013)    USA
Life Partner (2009)    India
Life Returns (1935)    USA
Life Ride (2005)    USA
Life Sentence (2018)    USA
Life Support (2007)    USA
Life Support (2001)    Australia
Life Tracker (2013)    USA
Life Unexpected (2010)    USA, Canada
Life with Archie (1962)    USA
Life with Blondie (1945)    USA
Life with Bonnie (2002)    USA
Life with Boys (2011)    Canada
Life with Derek (2005)    Canada
Life with Father (1953)    USA
Life with Father (1947)    USA
Life with Henry (1940)    USA
Life with Judy Garland: Me and My Shadows (2001)    Canada, Germany, USA
Life with Loopy Birthday Gala-Bration (1998)   
Life with Louie (1995)    USA
Life with Louie: A Christmas Surprise for Mrs. Stillman (1994)    USA
Life with Lucy (1986)    USA
Life with Mikey (1993)    USA
Life with Miriam (2010)    USA
Life Zone, The (2011)    USA
Life's Greatest Game (1924)    USA
Life's Work (1996)    USA
Life, The (2004)    Canada
Life-Size 2 (2018)    USA
Life-to-Go (2008)    USA
Life... and Stuff (1997)    USA
Lifeboat, The (1994)    UK
Lifeforce Experiment, The (1994)    Canada, UK
Lifelike Mine (2007)    USA
Lifeline (2016)    UK
Lifelines (2015)    USA
Lifesize (2008)    USA
Lifestories (1990)    USA
Lifestories: Families in Crisis (1992)    USA
Lifetime Later, A (2017)    USA
Lift (1998)    UK
Lift (2013)    USA
Lift Off (1992)    France, Australia
Lift, The (2018)    USA
Lifted (2012)    USA
Lifted (2010)    USA
Lifted (2015)    USA
Light and Darkness: The Rogue (2008)    USA
Light and the Little Girl, The (2014)    UK, USA
Light as a Feather (2018)    USA
Light Before Christmas, The (2007)    USA
Light Between Oceans, The (2016)    UK, New Zealand, USA
Light in Darkness, The (1917)    USA
Light in the Forest, A (2003)    USA
Light in the Forest, The (1958)    USA
Light Me Up (2012)    USA
Light of Day (1987)    USA
Light of Family Burnam, The (2008)    Canada
Light of Love, The (1917)    USA
Light of My Life (2019)    USA
Light of the Night (2014)    USA
Light Refracts into the Shadows, The (2018)    UK
Light That Failed, The (1939)    USA
Light That Failed, The (1923)    USA
Light Up Night (2020)    USA
Light Up The Night (2016)    USA
Light, The (2011)    USA
Lighter That Failed, The (1927)    USA
Lightfields (2013)    UK
Lightnin' (1925)    USA
Lightning Bug (2004)    USA
Lightning in a Bottle (1993)    USA
Lightning Lariats (1927)    USA
Lightning Warrior, The (1931)    USA
Lights (2018)    USA
Lights of Old Broadway (1925)    USA
Lights Out (2011)    USA
Lights Out (2016)    USA
Lights Out! (2015)    USA
Lights Out: YouTube Space New York (2016)    USA
Lights, Camera, Lexi! (2016)    USA
Ligne brisée, La (2008)    Canada
Ligne de feu (2009)    France
Ligovka (2010)    Russia
Lijmen/Het been (2000)    Belgium, Netherlands
Lik meg (2018)    Norway
Like (2019)    UK
Like a Kiss from Jesus (2015)    France
Like Arrows (2018)    USA
Like Babes in the Woods (1917)    USA
Like Dandelion Dust (2009)    USA
Like Family (2003)    USA
Like Father Like Son (2005)    UK
Like Father Like Son (1987)    USA
Like Father, Like Santa (1998)    USA
Like Father, Like Son (1985)    Philippines
Like Fetid Milk (2015)    USA
Like Flies (2012)    USA
Like Ingrid Bergman (2012)    USA
Like Me (2016)    USA
Like Me (2017)    USA
Like Mike (2002)    USA
Like Mike 2: Streetball (2006)    USA, Canada
Like Mom, Like Me (1978)    USA
Like Mother Like Son: The Strange Story of Sante and Kenny Kimes (2001)    USA
Like Normal People (1979)    USA
Like Sunday, Like Rain (2014)    USA
Like the Flow of a River (2016)    Canada
Like Turtles (2019)    USA
Likely Lads, The (1964)    UK
Likely Story, A (1947)    USA
Likeness (2013)    USA
Likeness in Stone, A (2000)    UK
Likha beda nachalo (1985)    Soviet Union
Likhiye 90-ye (2007)    Russia
Likvidatsiya (2007)    Russia
Lil Bois (2018)    Australia
Lil Bow Wow ft. Fundisha: Take Ya Home (2002)    USA
Lil Bow Wow ft. Jagged Edge, Fundisha: Thank You (2001)    USA
Lil Bow Wow ft. Jermaine Dupri & Xscape: Bounce with Me (2000)    USA
Lil Bow Wow ft. Jermaine Dupri, Fabolous & Fundisha: Basketball (2002)    USA
Lil Bow Wow ft. Snoop Dogg: Bow Wow (That's My Name) (2000)    USA
Lil Bow Wow: Ghetto Girls (2001)    USA
Lil Romeo & Solange Knowles: True Love (2002)    USA
Lil Tokyo Reporter (2012)    USA
Lil Town (2011)    USA
Lil Voice, The (2019)    USA
Lil' Bow Wow Feat. Jagged Edge: Puppy Love (2001)    USA
Lil' Bow Wow: Beware of Video (2001)    USA
Lil' Bow Wow: Puppy Love (2001)    USA
Lil' Corey ft Lil' Romeo & Lil' Reema: Hush Lil' Lady (2002)    USA
Lil' Dictator Part 1 - Randomness, The (2012)    USA
Lil' Dictator Part II: Randomness, The (2012)    USA
Lil' River Rats and the Adventure of the Lost Treasure, The (2003)    USA
Lil' Romeo Ft. Tyron & Little D: Play Like Us (2003)    USA
Lil' Romeo, Nick Cannon & 3LW: Parents Just Don't Understand (2001)    USA
Lil' Romeo: 2-Way (2002)    USA
Lil' Romeo: My Baby (2001)    USA
Lil' Romeo: My Cinderella (2004)    USA
Lil' Romeo: My Girlfriend (2004)    USA
Lil' Romeo: The Girlies (2002)    USA
Lil' Sam & Cat Show, The (2013)    USA
Lil'A (2008)    Germany
Lila (2016)    Philippines
Lila & Eve (2015)    USA
Lila liebt mich (2003)    Germany
Lila Weihnachtsgeschichte, Die (1991)    Germany
Lilet Never Happened (2012)    Netherlands, UK, Philippines
Lili (2003)    Hungary
Lili & Marleen (1994)    Belgium
Lili à Gilles, La (2007)    Canada
Lili Rose (2014)    France
Liliacul înfloreste a doua oara (1988)    Romania
Lilian (2015)    Netherlands
Liliane Susewind - Ein tierisches Abenteuer (2018)    Germany
Lilies of the Streets (1925)    USA
Lilika (1970)    Yugoslavia
Liliom ösvény (2016)    Hungary, Germany, France
Lilja 4-ever (2002)    Sweden, Denmark
Lilla Jönssonligan och cornflakeskuppen (1996)    Sweden
Lilla Jönssonligan och stjärnkuppen (2006)    Sweden
Lilla Jönssonligan på kollo (2004)    Sweden
Lilla Jönssonligan på styva linan (1997)    Sweden
Lille død, En (2005)    Denmark
Lille far (2004)    Denmark
Lille frk Norge (2003)    Norway, Sweden
Lille Inger (2017)    Denmark
Lille Lise (2005)    Denmark
Lille mand (2006)    Denmark
Lille mand, lille mand (2002)    Denmark
Lille Virgil og Orla Frøsnapper (1980)    Denmark
Lillebror på tjuvjakt (2003)    Sweden
Lillefinger (2016)    Denmark
Lilli (2012)    Germany
Lilli Palmer Theatre (1955)    UK, USA
Lillian (2019)    USA
Lillian (1993)    USA
Lillian Russell (1940)    USA
Lillix: What I Like About You (2003)    USA
Lilly Schönauer (2006)    Germany, Austria
Lilly the Little Fish (2017)    Bulgaria
Lilly the Magnificent (2012)    Germany
Lilly unter den Linden (2002)    Germany
Lilo & Stitch (2002)    USA
Lilo & Stitch 2: Stitch Has a Glitch (2005)    USA
Lilo & Stitch's Island of Adventures (2003)    USA
Lilo & Stitch: The Series (2003)    USA
Lilovyy shar (1987)    Soviet Union
Lily (2013)    USA
Lily (2012)    Netherlands
Lily (2017)    USA
Lily (2010)    Australia
Lily (2010)    USA, Spain
Lily (2009)    USA
Lily + Mara (2017)    USA
Lily and the Revolution (2014)    UK
Lily Christine (1932)    UK
Lily in Winter (1994)    USA
Lily of the Valley (2019)    Indonesia
Lily: More Than Puppy Love (2013)    USA
Lilyhammer (2012)    Norway, USA
Lilys Geheimnis (2008)    Germany
Lima (2018)    Indonesia
Lima Elang (2011)    Indonesia
Limb Salesman, The (2004)    Canada
Limbic Region, The (1996)    USA
Limbo (2016)    Greece, France
Limbo (2008)    Mexico
Limbo (2014)    Argentina
Limbo (2017)    UK
Limbo (2010)    Norway, Denmark, Sweden, Trinidad and Tobago
Limbo (2011)    Denmark
Limbs (2014)    USA
Limbus (2008)    Germany
Limbus (2013)    USA
Lime (2001)    Norway
Lime Salted Love (2006)    USA
Lime Street (1985)    USA
Limehouse Golem, The (2016)    UK
Limelight (1952)    USA
Limelight (2018)    USA
Limelight (2009)    USA
Limerence (2017)    USA
Limetown (2019)    USA
Limey, The (1999)    USA
Liminal MMXVII (2017)    USA
Limitless (2015)    USA
Limitless (2011)    USA
Limitless Potential (2015)   
Limits of Control, The (2009)    USA, Japan
Limo (2009)    Belgium
Limpan (1983)    Sweden
Limpiando sapos (2008)    Ecuador
Lina (2016)    Switzerland
Linaje (2017)    Spain
Lincoln (2012)    USA, India
Lincoln (1974)    USA
Lincoln Ábrahám álmai (1976)    Hungary
Lincoln Heights (2006)    USA
Lincoln in the Bardo (2017)    USA
Lincoln in the White House (1939)    USA
Lincoln Lawyer, The (2011)    USA
Lincoln's Little Correspondent (1953)   
Linda (1984)    Hungary
Linda (1981)    Spain, West Germany
Linda (1960)    UK
Linda (1929)    USA
Linda from HR (2017)    USA
Linda McCartney Story, The (2000)    Canada, USA
Lindbergh Kidnapping Case, The (1976)    USA
Lindburgs Fall (2011)    Germany
Lindenberg! Mach dein Ding (2020)    Germany
Lindenstraße (1985)    West Germany
Lindsay Lohan: Ultimate (2003)    USA
Lindsay's Boy (1974)    Australia
Line of Duty (2013)    USA
Line of Fire (2003)    USA
Line of Fire: The Morris Dees Story (1991)    USA
Line, The (2011)    USA
Line, The (2014)    UK
Line, The (2012)    China
Linea del fiume, La (1976)    Italy
Línea nocturna (2006)    Mexico
Linea, La (2009)    Mexico, USA
Lineup, The (1958)    USA
Lineup, The (1954)    USA
Ling huan qi xiao bao (1987)    Taiwan
Linha de Passe (2008)    Brazil
Linha Direta (1999)    Brazil
Linhas de Wellington (2012)    France, Portugal
Liniya Marty (2014)    Russia
Liniya zashchity (2002)    Russia
Liniya zhizni (2019)    Russia
Linko (2014)    Spain
Linkshändige Frau, Die (1978)    West Germany
Linternita (2004)    Mexico
Linturetki (2011)    Finland
Linus i Svingen (2004)    Norway
Liography (2001)    Canada
Liolà (1964)    Italy, Spain
Lion (2016)    Australia, USA, UK
Lion and the Horse, The (1952)    USA
Lion Dancing (2014)    Taiwan
Lion est mort ce soir, Le (2017)    France, Japan
Lion Guard, The (2016)    USA
Lion Guard: It's Unbungalievable (2016)    USA
Lion Guard: Return of the Roar, The (2015)   
Lion Is in the Streets, A (1953)    USA
Lion King 1½, The (2004)    Australia, USA
Lion King II: Simba's Pride, The (1998)    USA, Australia
Lion King, The (1994)    USA
Lion King, The (2019)    USA
Lion's Den, The (1919)    USA
Lion, Le (2003)    France
Lion, The (1962)    USA
Lion, the Witch & the Wardrobe, The (1979)    UK, USA
Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe, The (1967)    UK
Lion, the Witch, & the Wardrobe, The (1988)    UK
Lionceaux, Les (2003)    France
Lionel (2010)    Switzerland
Lionheart (1970)    UK
Lionheart (1987)    Hungary, USA
Lionheart (1990)    USA
Lionheart (1968)    UK
Lionhearted (2012)    USA
Lionhearts, The (1998)    USA
Lions sont lâchés, Les (1961)    Italy, France
Lip Service (2013)    USA
Lippels Traum (1991)    Germany
Lippels Traum (2009)    Germany
Lipshitz Saves the World (2007)    USA
Lipstick Jungle (2008)    USA
Lipstick Stain, The (2014)    USA
Liqueurs d'Alice, Les (2009)    France
Liquid Feet (2013)    USA
Liquid Lungs (2013)    USA
Liquid: Mirror Image (2007)    USA
Lisa (2012)    Czech Republic
Lisa (2008)    France
Lisa (1990)    USA
Lisa & Michael (2010)    Israel
Lisa Lilly (2013)    Germany
Lisa und die Säbelzahntiger (1996)    Austria
Lisa's Missie (2009)    Netherlands
Lisa, Bright and Dark (1973)    USA
Lisáci-Mysáci a Sibenicák (1970)    Czechoslovakia
Liscio (2006)    Italy
Lishniy (2018)    Russia
Lisístrata (2002)    Spain
Lissabon-Krimi: Aufbruch, Der (2019)    Germany
Lissabon-Krimi: Feuerteufel, Der (2019)    Germany
List (2001)    Poland, Bosnia and Herzegovina
List ozhidaniya (2012)    Ukraine, Russia
List, The (2015)    USA
List, The (2010)    USA
List, The (2013)    USA
Listen (2017)    France, Georgia
Listen (2020)    Portugal, UK
Listen (2013)    USA
Listen (2013)    USA
Listen Children (1928)    USA
Listen Out Loud Podcast (2017)    USA
Listen to the Silence (2018)    USA
Listen to Your Heart (2010)    USA
Listen Up (2004)    USA
Listen, Darling (1938)    USA
Listener, The (2012)    USA
Listener, The (2009)    Canada
Listeners (2016)    USA
Listening (2014)    USA, Cambodia
Listening to the Dead (2013)    UK
Listening, The (1991)    UK
Listies Work for Peanuts, The (2019)    Australia
Listy do M. (2011)    Poland
Listy do M. 2 (2015)    Poland
Listy do M. 3 (2017)    Poland
Lita på det oväntade (1988)    Sweden
Lite som du (2005)    Sweden
Liteinyy (2008)    Russia
Liten Ida (1981)    Norway, Sweden
Liten julsaga, En (1999)    Sweden, Finland
Liten tiger, En (2006)    Sweden
Literally, Right Before Aaron (2017)    USA
Lítost (1970)    Czechoslovakia
Litsonero (2009)    Philippines
Litterbugs (2016)    UK
Little (2019)    USA
Little (2014)    USA
Little Accidents (2014)    USA
Little Adventuress, The (1938)    USA
Little Advice, A (2016)    USA
Little American, The (1917)    USA
Little Annie Rooney (1925)    USA
Little Apollo (2019)    USA
Little Ark, The (1972)    USA
Little Arliss (1984)    USA
Little Athens (2005)    USA
Little Ballerina, The (1947)    UK
Little Bear (1995)    Canada, China
Little Bear Movie, The (2001)    Canada
Little Bear: Family Tales (1997)    USA
Little Bear: Goodnight Little Bear (1998)    USA
Little Bear: Meet Little Bear (1997)    USA
Little Bear: Parties & Picnics (1998)    USA
Little Beggars, The (1958)    UK
Little Big Awesome (2016)    USA
Little Big Boy (2012)    UK, Denmark
Little Big Kid (2010)    Canada
Little Big League (1994)    USA
Little Big Man (1970)    USA
Little Big Panda (2011)    Germany, China, Spain, Luxembourg, France, Belgium, Brazil
Little Big Shot (1935)    USA
Little Bigfoot (1997)    USA
Little Bigfoot 2: The Journey Home (1998)    USA
Little Bill (1999)    USA
Little Billy's City Cousin (1914)    USA
Little Billy's Strategy (1914)    USA
Little Billy's Triumph (1914)    USA
Little Bird (2000)    UK
Little Birds (2011)    USA
Little Bit of Heaven, A (1940)    USA
Little Bit of Heaven, A (2011)    USA
Little Bit Strange, A (1989)    USA, Canada
Little Black Book, The (2010)    USA
Little Black Caddy (2005)    Canada
Little Blue (2002)    Australia
Little Bones (2008)    USA
Little Boxes (2016)    USA
Little Boy (2015)    Mexico, USA
Little Boy Big Boy (2009)    Philippines
Little Boy Blue (1997)    USA
Little Boy Bountiful (1914)    UK
Little Boy Lost (1953)    USA
Little Boy Lost (1978)    Australia
Little Britain (2003)    UK
Little Brother (2012)    USA
Little Brother of War (2003)    Canada
Little Brown Boy (2003)    USA
Little Bruno (2007)    USA
Little Buckaroo, The (1928)    USA
Little Buddha (1993)    Italy, France, Liechtenstein, UK
Little Canyon (2008)    USA
Little Captain of the Scouts, The (1915)    USA
Little Champ (2013)    Philippines
Little Chaos, A (2014)    UK
Little Charmers (2015)    Canada
Little Chevalier, The (1917)    USA
Little Children (2006)    USA
Little CHP, The (1995)    USA
Little Christmas Business, A (2013)    USA
Little Christmas Thief, The (2014)    USA
Little Church Around the Corner (1923)    USA
Little Closer, A (2011)    USA
Little Clowns of Happytown (1987)    USA
Little Cobras: Operation Dalmatian (1997)    USA
Little Colonel, The (1935)    USA
Little Control Drama, A (2019)    USA
Little Crackers (2010)    UK
Little Criminals (1995)    Canada
Little Curious, A (1998)    USA
Little Daddy (1931)    USA
Little Daddy (2013)    China
Little Darling (2017)    USA
Little Darlings (1982)    USA
Little Darlings (1980)    USA
Little Dead Rotting Hood (2016)    USA
Little Devil (2007)    UK
Little Diplomat, The (1919)    USA
Little DJ: Chiisana koi no monogatari (2007)    Japan
Little Dorrit (2008)    UK, USA
Little Dorrit (1987)    UK
Little Dracula (1991)    USA
Little Dragons, The (1979)    USA
Little Dreamer (2011)    USA
Little Dreams (2002)    USA
Little Drummer Boy, The (1968)    USA
Little Drummer Girl, The (1984)    USA
Little Echo Lost (1999)    Australia
Little Egypt (1951)    USA
Little Einsteins (2005)    USA
Little Emily (2014)    USA
Little Engine That Could, The (1991)    UK
Little Engine That Could, The (2011)    USA
Little Evil (2017)    USA
Little Feet (2013)    USA
Little Fighters (2010)    Switzerland, Bosnia and Herzegovina
Little Fire Chief, The (1910)    USA
Little Fires Everywhere (2020)    USA
Little Fish, Strange Pond (2009)    USA
Little Fockers (2010)    USA
Little Forest: Winter/Spring (2015)    Japan
Little Francis, The (2020)    Brazil
Little Friend (1934)    UK
Little Fugitive (2006)    USA
Little Fugitive (1953)    USA
Little Game, A (2014)    USA
Little Game, A (1971)    USA
Little Ghost (1997)    Romania, USA
Little Ghosts (2001)    Germany
Little Giants (1994)    USA
Little Girl (2011)    France
Little Girl Blue (2003)    Switzerland
Little Girl Blue (2014)    USA
Little Girl Detective Park Hae Sol (2012)    South Korea
Little Girl Lost (1988)    USA
Little Girl Lost (2010)    USA
Little Girl Lost: The Delimar Vera Story (2008)    USA, Canada
Little Girl Next Door, The (1912)    USA
Little Girl Who Lives Down the Lane, The (1976)    Canada, France
Little Girls in Pretty Boxes (1997)    USA
Little Girls Never Cry (1962)    UK
Little Glory (2011)    Belgium
Little Golden Book Land (1989)    USA, Canada
Little Hands (2003)    Denmark
Little Hands (2017)    Australia, China
Little Heart (2017)    Australia, USA
Little Help, A (2010)    USA
Little Hercules in 3-D (2009)    USA
Little Hero of Holland, The (1910)    USA
Little Heroes (1999)    USA
Little Heroes 2 (2000)    USA
Little Heroes: Mighty Missions (2019)    USA
Little Hope (2017)    USA
Little Horribles (2013)    USA
Little House on the Prairie (1974)    USA
Little House on the Prairie (2005)    USA
Little House on the Prairie (1974)    USA
Little House Under the Moon, The (1986)    China
Little House Years (1979)    USA
Little House, The (2010)    UK
Little House: Bless All the Dear Children (1984)    USA
Little House: Look Back to Yesterday (1983)    USA
Little House: The Last Farewell (1984)    USA
Little in Common (2011)    USA
Little Inside, A (1999)    USA
Little Iodine (1946)    USA
Little Italy (2018)    Canada, USA
Little Joe (2019)    Austria, UK, Germany
Little John (2002)    USA
Little Kickboxer (1992)    Hong Kong
Little Kidnappers, The (1990)    Canada
Little Knockers (2013)    USA
Little Kung Fu Dude, The (2012)    USA
Little League (2008)    USA
Little League World Series (2015)    USA
Little Liar, The (1916)    USA
Little Lights (2018)    Canada
Little Loopers (2015)    USA
Little Lord Fauntleroy (1980)    UK
Little Lord Fauntleroy (1995)    UK
Little Lord Fauntleroy (1921)    USA
Little Lord Fauntleroy (1936)    USA
Little Lord Fauntleroy (1957)    UK
Little Lost Sea Serpent (1995)    USA
Little Love Goes a Long Clay, A (2016)    USA
Little Lulu Show, The (1995)    Canada, USA
Little Lunch (2015)    Australia
Little Magician, The (2009)    USA
Little Man (2013)    Canada
Little Man (1999)    USA
Little Man (2004)    Australia
Little Man (2009)    Denmark
Little Man (2014)    USA
Little Man Tate (1991)    USA
Little Man, What Now? (1934)    USA
Little Manhattan (2005)    USA
Little Mao (2012)    Canada
Little Mariana's Triumph (1917)    USA
Little Marines (1991)    USA
Little Mary Sunshine (1916)    USA
Little Matador (2012)    Ireland
Little Match Girl, The (1987)    USA
Little Match Girl, The (1999)    UK, Canada
Little Match Makers, The (2011)    USA
Little Men (1934)    USA
Little Men (1998)    Canada
Little Men (1940)    USA
Little Men (2016)    Greece, USA
Little Men (2005)    USA
Little Men (1998)    Canada
Little Mermaid II: Return to the Sea, The (2000)    USA, Canada, Australia
Little Mermaid, The (1989)    USA
Little Mermaid, The (1992)    USA
Little Mermaid, The (2018)    USA
Little Mickey Grogan (1927)    USA
Little Minister, The (1922)    USA
Little Miss Badass (2009)    UK
Little Miss Big (1946)    USA
Little Miss Broadway (1938)    USA
Little Miss Hollywood (1923)    USA
Little Miss Marker (1980)    USA
Little Miss Marker (1934)    USA
Little Miss Millions (1993)    USA
Little Miss Mischief (1922)    USA
Little Miss Nobody (1936)    USA
Little Miss Nobody (1916)    USA
Little Miss Perfect (2009)    USA
Little Miss Pinkerton (1943)    USA
Little Miss Roughneck (1938)    USA
Little Miss Sunshine (2006)    USA
Little Miss Thoroughbred (1938)    USA
Little Mister Jim (1946)    USA
Little Mo (1978)    USA
Little Monk (2009)    USA
Little Monsters (1989)    USA
Little Monsters (2014)    USA
Little Monsters (2019)    UK, Australia, USA
Little Monsters (2012)    USA
Little Moon (2013)    USA
Little Mosque on the Prairie (2007)    Canada
Little Mother (1973)    West Germany, Yugoslavia, USA
Little Mother (1929)    USA
Little Mother, The (1915)    USA
Little Mother, The (1913)    USA
Little Mother, The (1911)    USA
Little Mr. Fixer (1915)    USA
Little Napoleons (1994)    UK
Little Nellie Kelly (1940)    USA
Little Nemo: Adventures in Slumberland (1989)    Japan, USA
Little Nicky (2000)    USA
Little Night Music, A (1977)    West Germany, Austria, USA
Little Nikita (1988)    USA
Little Noah's Last Adventure (2017)    Netherlands
Little Note (2009)    Singapore
Little Odessa (1994)    USA
Little Ol' Bosko and the Cannibals (1937)    USA
Little Ol' Bosko and the Pirates (1937)    USA
Little Ol' Bosko in Bagdad (1938)    USA
Little Old New York (1923)    USA
Little Ones, The (1965)    UK
Little Orphan Annie (1932)    USA
Little Orphan Annie (1938)    USA
Little Orphan Annie's A Very Animated Christmas (1995)    USA, Canada
Little Orphans, The (1915)    USA
Little Orphant Annie (1918)    USA
Little Orvie (1940)    USA
Little Papa (1935)    USA
Little Patriot, The (1995)    USA
Little Patriot, The (1917)    USA
Little People (2016)    USA, Canada, UK
Little People Video (1988)    USA
Little People: Big Discoveries (1999)    Denmark
Little Pest, The (1927)    USA
Little Piece of Heaven, A (1991)    USA
Little Pioneer (1937)    USA
Little Ponderosa Zoo, The (2017)    USA
Little Prince, The (1974)    UK, USA
Little Prince, The (2015)    France
Little Princess, A (1995)    USA
Little Princess, A (1973)    UK
Little Princess, A (1986)    UK
Little Princess, A (1996)    USA
Little Princess, The (1939)    USA
Little Problem, A (2014)    USA
Little Pudding (2003)    UK
Little Ranger, The (1938)    USA
Little Rascal, The (1922)    USA
Little Rascals Save the Day, The (2014)    USA
Little Rascals' Christmas Special, The (1979)    USA
Little Rascals, The (1994)    USA
Little Rascals, The (1982)    USA
Little Rascals, The (1977)    USA
Little Rascals: Best of Our Gang (1930)   
Little Reaper (2013)    USA
Little Red Hoodie (2009)    UK
Little Red Monkey (1955)    UK
Little Red Riding Hood (1995)    Japan, USA
Little Red Riding Hood (1922)    USA
Little Red Riding Hood (1997)    USA
Little Red Schoolhouse, The (1936)    USA
Little Red Wagon (2012)    USA
Little Republicans: Presidential Debate Highlights (2015)    USA
Little Ricky (2001)    USA
Little Riders, The (1996)    USA
Little Robinson Crusoe (1924)    USA
Little Romance, A (1979)    France, USA
Little Rosey (1990)    Canada, USA
Little Roy (2016)    Ireland
Little Saleslady, The (1915)    USA
Little Samantha Tripp (2006)    Canada
Little Savage, The (1929)    USA
Little Savage, The (1959)    USA, Mexico
Little Savages (2016)    USA
Little Scars (2004)    UK
Little School Ma'am, The (1916)    USA
Little Secrets (2001)    USA
Little Sex, A (1982)    USA
Little Shadow (2013)    USA, UK
Little Shadows (2012)    USA
Little Shaolin Monk, The (1992)    Taiwan
Little Shaolin Monks (2007)    USA
Little Shepherd (2002)    USA
Little Shit (2018)    Netherlands, UK
Little Shop (1991)    USA, France
Little Shop of Horrors (1986)    USA
Little Shots (1983)    USA
Little Shrink (2012)    USA
Little Shut-In, The (1912)    USA
Little Sinner (1935)    USA
Little Sister (2016)    USA
Little Snob, The (1928)    USA
Little Socrates (2015)    USA
Little Spies (1986)    USA
Little Spirit: Christmas in New York (2008)    USA
Little Step, A (2009)    USA
Little Stranger, The (2018)    UK, Ireland, France
Little Sunset (1915)    USA
Little Superman (2014)    India
Little Susie (2015)    USA
Little Sweetheart (1989)    UK
Little Terrorist (2004)    India, UK
Little Thief, The (2019)    USA
Little Thing Called Murder, A (2006)    USA
Little Things, The (2021)    USA
Little Thirteen (2012)    Germany
Little Tokyo, U.S.A. (1942)    USA
Little Tough Guy (1938)    USA
Little Tough Guys in Society (1938)    USA
Little Traitor, The (2007)    Israel, USA
Little Treasures of Lombok (2010)    Indonesia
Little Troll Prince, The (1987)    USA
Little Unicorn, The (2001)    South Africa
Little Vampire, The (1986)    UK, Canada, West Germany
Little Vampire, The (2000)    Germany, Netherlands, USA
Little Victories (2009)    USA
Little Whispers: The Vow (2014)    USA, Canada
Little White Lie (1945)    USA
Little White Lies (1998)    UK
Little Wings (2007)    USA
Little Witch (1999)    Canada
Little Wizards, The (1987)    USA
Little Wolf's Book of Badness (2003)    UK, Denmark
Little Women (2019)    USA
Little Women (1933)    USA
Little Women (1949)    USA
Little Women (1994)    USA, Canada
Little Zizou (2008)    India
Littleman (2006)    USA, Canada
Littles, The (1983)    USA, France, Japan
Littlest Angel, The (1969)    USA
Littlest Cthulhuist, The (2015)    USA
Littlest Diplomat, The (1937)    USA
Littlest Hobo, The (1963)    Canada
Littlest Hobo, The (1958)    USA
Littlest Hobo, The (1979)    Canada
Littlest Magdalene, The (1916)    USA
Littlest Outlaw, The (1955)    USA
Littlest Pet Shop (1995)    Canada, USA, France
Littlest Rebel, The (1935)    USA
Liu lang shen gou ren (2007)    Taiwan
Liu lian piao piao (2000)    Hong Kong, France, China
Liu zhi qin mo (1983)    Hong Kong
Liv (2013)    USA
Liv (2009)    USA
Liv and Maddie (2013)    USA
Liv, Et (2014)    Denmark
Liv, Lust & Längtan (2012)    Sweden
Live and Learn (1930)    USA
Live and Learn (1920)    USA
Live at the Electric (2012)    UK
Live by Night (2016)    USA
Live Evil (2009)    USA
Live from Lincoln Center (1976)    USA
Live It Up! (1963)    UK
Live Nude Girls (1995)    USA
Live Shot (1995)    USA
Live Sparks (1920)    USA
Live TV (1996)    Canada
Live Wire, The (1937)    UK
Live Wires (1922)    USA
Live! (2008)    UK
Live, Love and Learn (1937)    USA
Live-In (1989)    USA
Live-In Fear (2016)    USA
Lively (2013)    Canada
Lively Arts, The (1969)    UK
Lively Set, The (1964)    USA
Liven (1975)    Soviet Union
Liver Birds, The (1969)    UK
Lives of Benjamin Franklin, The (1974)    USA
Lives of Girls & Women (1996)    Canada
Lives of the Saints (2004)    Canada
Livet är en schlager (2000)    Sweden, Denmark
Livet enligt Rosa (2005)    Sweden
Livet er en god grund (1985)    Denmark
Livewire (2007)    USA
Livide (2011)    France
Livin' for Love: The Natalie Cole Story (2000)    USA, Canada
Living a Lie (1991)    USA
Living and Working in Space: The Countdown Has Begun (1993)    USA
Living at Thamesmead (1974)    UK
Living Biblically (2018)    USA
Living Christ Series, The (1951)    USA
Living Doll (2009)    USA
Living Dolls (1989)    USA
Living in a Big Way (1947)    USA
Living In A Lighthouse (2016)    USA
Living in Captivity (2008)    USA
Living in Fear (2001)    USA
Living in Your Car (2010)    Canada, Portugal
Living It (2005)    UK
Living It Up (1954)    USA
Living on a Dollar a Day (2017)    USA
Living on Love (1937)    USA
Living on One Dollar (2013)    USA, Guatemala
Living Out Loud (2009)    USA
Living Proof (2008)    USA
Living Proof: The Hank Williams, Jr. Story (1983)    USA
Living Single (1993)    USA
Living the Dream (2017)    UK
Living Vee (2017)    USA
Living with Dinosaurs (1989)    UK
Living with the Dead (2002)    USA
Living with the Dead: A Love Story (2015)    USA
Living with Uncle Ray (2006)    USA
Livraison à domicile (2003)    France
Livre de Marie, Le (1985)    France, Switzerland
Livre de minuit, Le (1996)    France
Livsalas zeni (1969)    Latvia
Livstid (2012)    Sweden
Livvagterne (2009)    Denmark
Livvakterna (2001)    Sweden
Liz (2011)    Canada
Liz & Dick (2012)    USA
Liz and Sally (1967)    UK
Liz: The Elizabeth Taylor Story (1995)    USA
Liza on Demand (2018)    USA
Liza, namo! (2012)    Estonia, Lithuania
Lizard Hunter (2013)    USA
Lizard King (2014)    USA
Lizzie (1957)    USA
Lizzie (2012)    USA
Lizzie Borden Chronicles, The (2015)    USA
Lizzie McGuire (2001)    USA
Lizzie McGuire Movie, The (2003)    USA
Lizzie McGuire: Fashionably Lizzie Vol. 1 (2003)    USA
Lizzie McGuire: Growing Up Lizzie Vol. 2 (2003)    USA
Lizzie McGuire: Star Struck Vol. 3 (2004)    USA
Lizzie McGuire: Totally Crushed Vol. 4 (2004)    USA

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