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Nie będę cię kochać

Aka: Sitten en enää rakasta sinua (Finland)
Director: Janusz Nasfeter
Year: 1973
Country: Poland
Runtime: 81 minutes
Genre: Drama

My Rating:
IMDb User Rating: 6.3/10
Votes: 6

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By showing the reaction of the growing up girl for alcoholism of her father the director is reffering to more common and - maybe - more painful problem. That is the loneliness of the child, dealing with incomprehension in the family, in school. The author like experienced psychologist is showing the differences in concepts and valuation of the world by adults and children. For Ann's mother the heavy drinking of her husband is nothing more than inconvenient indisposition. However for the girl it is the unequivocal symptom of the incurable disease so something horrible, something she is even frightened of thinking. What is only shameful for the mother, the daughter is treating as indelible disgrace. - Polish Cinema Database

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Children's Cast:

Grażyna Michalska Anka
Bożena Fedorczyk Bożena
Bogdan Izdebski Rysiek Pukuła "Puk"
Piotr Szczerkowski