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New Movies (100)

Playing Men
Year: 2014
Country: USA
Genre: Short / Action / Drama
Review: James and Tim are best friends and loyal allies in rural Texas, where boys play war games in the woods. But their relationship gets too close for comfort, and James decides to abandon their fort. When rival, older boys force James to prove his loyalties, he'll have to decide what he really wants. Can he prove that he's a man without losing his closest friend? - IMDb

Evropa tancila valcik
Year: 1989
Country: Czechoslovakia

Year: 1961
Country: Soviet Union
Genre: Drama

Year: 1991
Country: Poland
Genre: Action / Drama / History

Star Wars Underoos
Year: 1980
Country: USA
Genre: Short / Comedy
Review: TV commercial in the 1980's advertising underoos - IMDb

What grows out of pink
Year: 2015
Country: Norway
Genre: Short / Drama
Review: oa does not fit into any of her friends’ clothes, they are too big. Her friends convince her that she has anorexia. Moa has never gotten so much attention and compliments before and starts to like her new illness. Perhaps anorexia can be a good thing? At least you stay thin - and if you are thin you are happy?

Ud af det blå (Out of the Blue)
Year: 2016
Country: Denmark
Genre: Short / Drama
Review: Once again Mads is forced to walk home because his big brother, Anders, is running late. Finally Anders arrives, but during a stop on the drive back home to their father, Mads is confronted with the questionable path that Anders is heading down. When an unforeseen collision with a deer occurs, their relationship is tossed around on the highway. - IMDb

Klassen (TV series)
Year: 2016
Country: Denmark
Genre: Family
Review: What is happening in the class? Who are friends, who are enemies - and who has had a mishap? The pupils have yet another day ahead of them. - IMDb

Year: 2016
Country: Italy France
Genre: Documentary
Review: Situated some 200km off Italy's southern coast, Lampedusa has hit world headlines in recent years as the first port of call for hundreds of thousands of African and Middle Eastern migrants hoping to make a new life in Europe. Rosi spent months living on the Mediterranean island, capturing its history, culture and the current everyday reality of its 6,000-strong local population as hundreds of migrants land on its shores on a weekly basis. The resulting documentary focuses on 12-year-old Samuele, a local boy who loves to hunt with his slingshot and spend time on land even though he hails from a culture steeped in the sea. - IMDb

Ik ben de enige
Year: 2014
Country: Netherlands
Genre: Short