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La edad de la inocencia
Year: 1962
Country: Mexico
Genre: Family / Drama
Review: A poor little girl slips in a circus one day and sees a puppets' show. Later she returns to the empty circus looking for a fairy she was fascinated by. - IMDb

Year: 1991
Country: Poland
Genre: Action / Drama / History

Ud af det blå (Out of the Blue)
Year: 2016
Country: Denmark
Genre: Short / Drama
Review: Once again Mads is forced to walk home because his big brother, Anders, is running late. Finally Anders arrives, but during a stop on the drive back home to their father, Mads is confronted with the questionable path that Anders is heading down. When an unforeseen collision with a deer occurs, their relationship is tossed around on the highway. - IMDb

Year: 2016
Country: Italy France
Genre: Documentary
Review: Situated some 200km off Italy's southern coast, Lampedusa has hit world headlines in recent years as the first port of call for hundreds of thousands of African and Middle Eastern migrants hoping to make a new life in Europe. Rosi spent months living on the Mediterranean island, capturing its history, culture and the current everyday reality of its 6,000-strong local population as hundreds of migrants land on its shores on a weekly basis. The resulting documentary focuses on 12-year-old Samuele, a local boy who loves to hunt with his slingshot and spend time on land even though he hails from a culture steeped in the sea. - IMDb

Ik ben de enige
Year: 2014
Country: Netherlands
Genre: Short

Year: 2012
Country: Sweden Denmark
Genre: Documentary

Shingeki no kyojin endo obu za wârudo
Year: 2015
Country: Japan
Genre: Action / Drama / Fantasy / Horror / Sci-Fi
Review: A continuation of the ongoing battle between the Scouting Regiment and the Titans. As the battle continues to unravel, Eren Jäeger, a soldier fighting the Titans for vengeance, is finding out an incredible secret that'll leave the whole Scouting Regiment confused, but unsure on what to do and if it's really Eren. Will the Scouting Regiment realize what he is and will they be able to stop the Titans? - IMDb

Verdensvevde kropper
Year: 2015
Country: Norway
Genre: Short / Drama
Review: At the end of the 1990s the Internet comes to Northern Norway and coincides with the sexual awakening of young Mads (12). The introduction of pornographic images into his life complicates his relationship with his parents, and their house becomes a minefield filled with uncomfortable interactions. - IMDb

Juillet électrique
Year: 2014
Country: France
Genre: Short / Adventure / Drama / Mystery
Review: In the burning heat of July, Thomas and Victor, two 14 year old teenagers, are bored to death and want to escape. Victor decides to take Thomas to an abandoned bridge. Timorous, he follows him. He will have to confront his fears and desires along that bridge whose end is uncertain. - IMDb

Vom Ende der Eiszeit (TV)
Year: 2006
Country: Germany
Genre: Crime