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Obecná skola

Aka: The Elementary School (World-wide)
Director: Jan Sverák
Year: 1991
Country: Czechoslovakia
Runtime: 100 minutes
Genre: Comedy / Drama / Family / History

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The time is 1945-46. 10 year old Eda and his friend Tonda live in a small village outside Prague. In school, their class is so wild and indisciplined that their teacher quits and is replaced by the militant Igor Hnidzo. He is very strict - but also very just. His weakness is his interest in young women. - IMDb

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Children's Cast:

    Václav Chalupa [17]   Stavinoha
    Václav Jakoubek [11]   Eda
    Radoslav Budác   Tonda
    Jan Demeter   Lakatos
    Marek Endal   Rosenheim
    Martin Janda   Mácek
    Tomas Krejcik   Potuzník
    Jaroslav Kudlacek   Hejnic
    Filip Lim   Chromosta
    Michal Skrabal   Dusicka
    Jaroslav Stansky   Lerch