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En sommerforelskelse (TV)

Aka: Летняя любовь (Russia)
Director: Aase Hauch, Erik Kaufmann, Bodil Cold-Ravnkilde
Year: 1989
Country: Denmark
Runtime: 47 minutes
Genre: Short

My Rating:
Missed by IMDb User Rating: 7.4/10
Votes: 32

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10-year-old Niels meets Nanna and falls in love, but teasing, jealousy and quarrels complicate their summer idyll.

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User Commentaries:

Posted: 27 Aug 2014, 04:45
spnkng: A very natural and beautiful short movie about friendship, love and freedom in the eyes of two children.

Rating: 7

"Behold the true beuty! It shines out from everyone who truly love!"