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Equestrian Sexual Response

Director: Zeke Hawkins
Year: 2010
Country: USA
Runtime: 19 minutes
Genre: Short / Drama

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Eleven-year-old Alice lives on a ranch with her father, her favorite horse and confidante, Red, and the love of Red's life, Molly. One day Alice comes home from school to find that her dad has hired a stud horse to impregnate Molly. After witnessing this graphic act, Alice's romantic worldview is shattered. To make matters worse, it seems all of her schoolmates are developing a sexual awareness that Alice can't decode. Could she and Red be the last pure hearts in town? As her family life deteriorates and Molly's pregnancy unfolds, Alice must reckon with this raw and sexual world in a way she has not yet encountered.

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Children's Cast:

Andy Scott Harris [12] Brendan
Ashley McGullam Devon
Jake Watkins [13] Sean
Patty Roberts [15] Laney
Jimmy Deshler [16] Jimmy
Christina Robinson Alice