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El Niño de barro

Aka: The Mudboy (International)
Director: Jorge Algora
Year: 2007
Country: Argentina
Runtime: 103 minutes
Genre: Thriller

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Buenos Aires, Argentina. 1912. A series of brutal child murders is extending throughout the city. Mateo (Juan Ciancio), a 10 year-old boy, is hiding a secret: sometimes his mind takes him to dark places inside his memories, where he becomes the witness to the murders. When Mateo's secret is unveiled, he turns into the main murder suspect. With help from the police and Dr. Soria, his mother Stella (Maribel Verdú) tries to find a rational explanation for these visions and hopefully counteract the persistent skepticism of Inspector Petrie. Yet the murders continues and absolute chaos ends up taking over the situation. - IMDb

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Children's Cast:

Nicolás Torcanowsky Arturo Larrondo
Juan Ciancio Mateo
Arturo Berrnet Niño calesita
César Ferro Niño Calesita
Tomás Gardano Niño calesita
Shahir Jaller Jesualdo Cocuozzo
Milagros González Gutiérrez Josefina Estévez