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Aka: Black Horses (World-wide)
Goose Feather II (World-wide)
Director: Ljubisa Samardzic
Year: 2007
Country: Serbia
Runtime: 98 minutes
Genre: Drama

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Black Horses is a film about the destiny of Serbian people who are forced to endure the "rule from the North" against their will. The empress Maria Theresia has designated their region of Banat to be the dungeon for insubordinate citizens of the Austro-Hungarian empire. Fortunately, World War One has interfered and ended the rule of the Austrain emperors, but many wounds have remained, wounds that bore spite and on the basis of which the people began their struggle to find their identity, to gain their freedom and land and a better life. That kind of surroundings, full of those ready to exploit others and retort to violence, where a man is torn between honesty and fraud, was my inspiration to make a modern film focused on love "the thing a man can suffer for; a thing you can give your heart to; and a thing that can make your heart stop". - IMDb

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Children's Cast:

    Marta Uzelac   Dunja