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Little House on the Prairie (TV series 1974-1983)

Aka: Little House: A New Beginning (USA: last season title)
Director: Michael Landon, Lewis Allen
Year: 1974
Country: USA
Runtime: 60 minutes
Genre: Family / Western / Drama

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Based on the popular "Little House" book series by Laura Ingalls-Wilder, this hour long dramatic series followed the frontier lives of Charles and Caroline Ingalls, and their three young daughters: Mary, Laura and Carrie. - IMDb

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Children's Cast:

Kim Richards [10] Olga Nordstrom (TV Episode: Town Party-Country Party) (1974)
Michael-James Wixted [15] Roy Collins Jr. (TV Episode: Soldier's Return) (1976)
Shane Sinutko [10] Jonah (TV Episode: At the End of the Rainbow) (1975)
Lindsay Kennedy [5]
Christian Berrigan [13] Lem (TV Episode: The Craftsman) (1979)
David Faustino [6] Josh (TV Episode: The Silent Cry) (1980)
David Friedman [9] Jason Carter (TV Episode: Times Are Changing: Part 1) (1982)
Ike Eisenmann [14] Viktor Pyatakov (TV Episode: Centennial) (1976)
Justin Bayly [10] Boy (TV Episode: Love) (1982)
Katy Kurtzman [12] Anna Gillberg (TV Episode: The Music Box) (1977)
Peter Billingsley [11] Gideon Hale (TV Episode: No Beast So Fierce) (1982)
Todd Bridges [12] Solomon Henry (TV Episode: The Wisdom of Solomon) (1977)
Mike Lookinland [17] Patrick - Boy on Train (TV Episode: Times of Change) (1977)
Georg Olden [14] Danny (TV Episode: He Was Only Twelve: Part 1) (1982)
Rossie Harris [12] Rupert Wilder (TV Episode: The Nephews) (1981)
Clay O'Brien [14] Henry Henderson (TV Episode: The Spring Dance) (1975)
Moosie Drier [12] Junior Barrett (TV Episode: A Matter of Faith) (1976)
Johnny Doran [15] Timothy Farrell (TV Episode: The Creeper of Walnut Grove) (1977)
Carlena Gower [9] (TV Episode: Journey in the Spring: Part 1) (1976)
Mia Bendixsen Ellen Taylor (TV Episode: My Ellen) (1977)
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