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Aka: Butterflies (World-wide)
Director: Janusz Nasfeter
Year: 1973
Country: Poland
Runtime: 79 minutes
Genre: Drama

My Rating:
IMDb User Rating: 6.2/10
Votes: 6

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Edek comes over for summer holidays, to stay with his aunt's house near the lake. There he falls under the spell of beautiful, mysterious Monika. It's a story of first love and jealousy; for Edek love is real, for Monika it all just seems to be a game...

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Children's Cast:

Grazyna Michalska [13] Honorka
Roman Mosior [15] Edek
Bozena Fedorczyk Monika
Bogdan Izdebski Bogdan
Piotr Szczerkowski [15] Alek