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Aka: Procarz (Poland)
Director: Karel Kachyna
Year: 1960
Country: Czechoslovakia
Runtime: 84 minutes
Genre: Family / War

My Rating:
IMDb User Rating: 6.0/10
Votes: 8

A touching story of a Czech boy who is liberated from a concentration camp and then picked up by a Czechoslovak Army laundry unit under Soviet command. He becomes the unit's mascot, and is given the nickname "prace" or "slingshot bearer" after Czech boys who had fought with slingshots in the Czech Hussite armies of the 15th century. The boy, along with a little Slovak girl whom the unit also rescues up along the way, participate in the liberation of his homeland.

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Children's Cast:

Michal Koblic [9] Frantisek Bures (aka Práce)
Marienka Magdolenova Marijka