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Top 10 Movies
1 Voor een verloren soldaat (1992)
2 Du er ikke alene (1978)
3 Valkiny Parusa (1974)
4 Barnens ö (1980)
5 En tu ausencia (2008)
6 La gloire de mon père (1990)
7 Sexuele voorlichting (1991)
8 Vuelve (2012)
9 Pelle erobreren (1987)
10 Léolo (1992)

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User Commentaries:

I Declare War

Rocky62: Birthday of Gage Munroe is January 4, 1999
Posted: 6 Mar 2015, 23:39


cobraden: a nice glimpse of some Chilean history from the 70's as the military with CIA backing overthrew the democratically elected government. It's the story of two boys from different social classes and their friendship in this time of political unrest.
Posted: 18 Feb 2015, 21:56

Mac and Me

cobraden: Lots of product endorsement, so you are seeing Mac in a 95 minute commercial. I was actually surprised that the director didn't give him the last name of Donald. Yes, it has a predictable plot, but if you just lighten up a bit, then it is pretty amusing.
Posted: 18 Feb 2015, 20:28

Ma vie en rose

cobraden: Should be required viewing for anyone with children or planning to have children. This shows that acceptance and love is all a child needs, so they can live life full like God planned. It doesn't deserve the rating it received, so I just warn people to watch with an open mind, and they will end up loving the movie and it's message.
Posted: 18 Feb 2015, 20:10

Cool Runnings

cobraden: A pleasant and funny film that was inspired by an actual event. It is not the true story, so don't accept it as fact, but just as entertainment.
Posted: 18 Feb 2015, 19:51

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Added Movies

Year: 2014
Country: France
Genre: Comedy
Review: Alex is in love with Sandra since childhood but has never dared approach her.He asks Antoine, a lonely writer to help him seduce her, because in his time he was the only one to conquer the heart of the mother. - IMDb

Year: 2014
Country: USA Canada
Genre: Action / Horror / Thriller
Review: Two estranged brothers reunite at their childhood home in the Alaskan wild. They set out on a two-day hike and are stalked by an unrelenting grizzly bear. - IMDb

Silent Night, Deadly Night Part 2
Year: 1987
Country: USA
Genre: Comedy / Horror
Review: The door of the mental hospital opens, releasing Ricky from its confines. He takes with him the terrifying memory of his brother Billy's death and the burning image of Mother Superior-the powerful figure that brought about his brother's violent demise. For Ricky, starting a new life means avenging his brother's death. By whatever means necessary, whether it be the cutting edge of a shiny steel knife blade, or the electrifying charge of a set of battery cables, Ricky is set in this blind journey of revenge leading ultimately to Mother Superior. As Mother Superior prays in the dark, we suggest she say an extra prayer for herself, because not even her faith will be enough to stop Ricky. But prayers will do little for in the silent part of this night! - IMDb

Year: 2011
Country: Spain
Genre: Animation / Drama
Review: Based on Paco Roca's comic of the same title (2008 Spanish National Comic Prize), WRINKLES is a 2D animated feature-length film for an adult audience. Wrinkles portrays the friendship between Emilio and Miguel, two aged gentlemen shut away in a care home. Recent arrival Emilio, in the early stages of Alzheimer, is helped by Miguel and colleagues to avoid ending up on the feared top floor of the care home, also known as the lost causes or "assisted" floor. Their wild plan infuses their otherwise tedious day-to-day with humor and tenderness, because although for some their lives are coming to an end, for them it is just a new beginning. - IMDb

End of the Innocents
Year: 2011
Country: USA
Genre: Short / Drama / Thriller
Review: Despite his relentless search, a father becomes the prime suspect in the disappearance of his 11 year old son. - IMDb

Stockholm, Pennsylvania
Year: 2015
Country: USA
Genre: Drama / Thriller
Review: A young woman, kidnapped when she was a child, returns home to the family she barely remembers and struggles to feel at home. - IMDb

Vannacht worden we Vrouwen
Year: 2013
Country: Netherlands
Genre: Documentary / Short / Drama
Review: Ismini (13) often stays over for the night at the house of Komal (12), her neighbor and closest friend. Their friendship has been solid since they were 3. In the year that they will change more than ever, physically and mentally, we are present at their pajamas parties. They are both convinced that nothing will ever change between them. We experience that year as one intimate film night in which they develop from girls into women. Does their friendship change along? - IMDb

Le grand homme
Year: 2014
Country: France

Dr. Klein (TV series 2014–)
Year: 2014
Country: Germany
Genre: Comedy / Drama / Family
Review: "Dr. Klein" is a medical and family TV series, which moves between great emotion and humor. Valerie Klein is 1,32 meter tall and the only doctor in the children's hospital, who meets the small patients at eye level. There are many conflicts to solve both at work and at home with her family. - IMDb

Den Første Anders
Year: 2010
Country: Denmark
Genre: Short / Comedy
Review: A well-meaning but ultimately accidental Father tries to teach his artistic and troubled young son a valuable lesson. Telling a story that spans over one thousand years of Danish history and countless generations of the family Andersen. - IMDb

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