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Year: 2016
Country: Sweden
Genre: Short / Drama / Thriller
Review: A bullied boy tries to get even with his tormentors by sticking a razorblade through a crack in a waterslide. When he realizes his revenge is out of proportion he starts a race against time to set things right again. - IMDb

Christmas All Over Again
Year: 2016
Country: USA
Genre: Comedy / Family
Review: A mischievous, swag-obsessed boy must overcome his inner Scrooge, or remain caught in a cycle where everyday is a Christmas without presents. - IMDb

American Housewife (TV series)
Year: 2016
Country: USA
Genre: Comedy
Review: A family comedy narrated by Katie, a strong-willed mother, raising her flawed family in a wealthy town filled with perfect wives and their perfect offspring. - IMDb

Wind Walkers
Year: 2015
Country: USA
Genre: Action / Horror / Thriller
Review: Florida, USA. Seven friends head off into the wilderness to begin their annual hunting trip. As a hurricane fast approaches, things begin go awry. Isolated and paranoid, the men begin to question their friendship and loyalties. Soon they are terrorized by an unseen beast. What is stalking them? Is it the desolation, their imaginations, or has a cannibalistic creature which can take the human form come to hunt them? - IMDb

Das Geld liegt auf der Bank (TV)
Year: 1990
Country: Germany
Genre: Comedy

Kartoffeln mit Stippe (TV)
Year: 1990
Country: West Germany

A Equação do Amor
Year: 2012
Country: Brazil
Genre: Short / Adventure / Comedy / Romance
Review: Cecilia Flores School. 9:15 AM. 3rd grade class. Final exams. Ian, who wonders about dating Nina (who wonders about several other things except dating Ian), dreams about his beloved and gets confused in the solution of his test that can seal his destiny - will our South-American anti-hero be able to solve his problems and not leave this page of his life blank? - IMDb

Sweet 'n Short
Year: 1991
Country: South Africa
Genre: Comedy
Review: A disgraced sports presenter falls victim to an accidental head trauma and slips into a coma. He awakens months later to find South Africa was not as he left it, he was now in the New South Africa and his multimillion Rand idea had been stolen from beneath him. - IMDb

Den duraka
Year: 2014
Country: Russia
Genre: Comedy
Review: Ivan, a heavily indebted hotel doorman, pretends to have a wealthy father who would be eager to pay off his son's debts. Ivan and a debt collector embark on a journey to what is supposed to be Ivan's father's farm. Due to a minor car accident, the two men find themselves in a strange town where they are mistaken for government inspectors and enjoy a grand receptionâEUR¦ - IMDb

Alyonka iz Pochitanki (TV Series)
Year: 2014
Country: Russia
Genre: Comedy / Drama / Romance