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Top 10 Movies
1 Sexuele voorlichting (1991)
2 Voor een verloren soldaat (1992)
3 En tu ausencia (2008)
4 Barnens ö (1980)
5 Du er ikke alene (1978)
6 La gloire de mon père (1990)
7 Pelle erobreren (1987)
8 Jaime (1999)
9 Bylo nás pet (1994)
10 Lord of the Flies (1963)

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User Commentaries:


spankaddict: I wished there was a remastered version of this movie. The boy is delicious.
Posted: 3 Mar 2016, 08:08


jungle: Terrible in all regards: bad acting; very inaccurate character stereotyping; poorly directed and filmed; props/costumes ridiculous; casting is a joke - adult star looks nothing at all like his apparent youth character. An incredible waste of my time. The absolute worst movie I've critiqued.

Posted: 17 Feb 2016, 14:26

Sexuele voorlichting

ronnymo: This film was released mid-90s, I believe. I remember the ads in the tv magazine back then where they mentioned a second version specialy made for school. Times did change here as wel. And I am not shure if a school accual showed it to his pupils.
It is unthinkable that would happen now.
Posted: 6 Feb 2016, 14:21

Akademia pana Kleksa

ninjamasters: pretty funny movie i like it
Posted: 8 Jan 2016, 07:05

En man som heter Ove

spnkng: Totally wonderful movie. The movie catches the book very well and, as the book, it moves quickly from very funny scenes to sad happenings, especially when telling Ove's history. The audience was laughing and crying alternately during the movie, and no one left the theatre without tears in their eyes.
Ove's new neigbour Parvaneh and her children manages to reach the grumpy old man and the relationship between them is wonderful to see.
The whole movie is magnificent. Go and see it!
Posted: 27 Dec 2015, 17:12

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Added Movies

Bridge of Spies
Year: 2015
Country: USA Germany India
Genre: Drama / History / Thriller
Review: In the cold war, a lawyer, James B. Donovan is recruited by the CIA and involved in an intense negotiation mission to release and exchange a CIA U-2 spy-plane pilot, Francis G. Powers. The pilot was arrested alive after his plane was shot down by the Soviet Union during a mission and stays in the company of a KGB intelligence officer, Rudolf Abel, who was arrested for espionage in the US. - IMDb

The Lady Says No
Year: 1951
Country: USA
Genre: Comedy
Review: A woman writes a best-selling book for women warning them about the "dangers" of men. A handsome photographer for a national magazine arrives in her town to do a feature story on her. Complications ensue. - IMDb

The Wonderful Land of Oz
Year: 1969
Country: USA
Genre: Family / Fantasy / Musical
Review: After his witch guardian Mombi threatens to turn him into a statue, young Tip decides to run off to Emerald City with his newly-animated companion, Jack. Along the way, he meets up with Genral Jinjur, leader of the Army of Revolt, who takes Tip prisoner as she marches her troops to take over the Emerald City. Tip escapes to warn the scarecrow, now the ruler of the city, and together they leave to find the Tin Woodsman and form their own army. - IMDb

Junges Licht
Year: 2016
Country: Germany
Genre: Drama
Review: Junges Licht (Young Light) is a movie about innocence, sex and violence in the Ruhr district of the 1960’s. 12 years old Julian doesn't see any point in school: he wants to be a miner, just like his father. When his mother, who suffers from colic, has a nervous breakdown and takes his little sister to the sea, Julian and his father are left by themselves during the summer holidays. Now Julian feels responsible for the household, making bread and butter for his father and meeting him at the pit at the end of his shift. Julian doesn't much like spending time with the other boys in the village, whose games tend to be violent. However, their landlord, Gorny, lends him a camera and tells the boy to take photographs of his friends when they go swimming. But Julian would much rather watch Marusha, Gorny's precocious 15-year-old stepdaughter, who has captivated him...

The World of Peter Rabbit and Friends (TV series)
Year: 1992
Country: UK
Genre: Animation / Family

The Durrells (TV series)
Year: 2016
Country: UK
Genre: Biography / Drama
Review: Set in 1935 when the Englishwoman Louisa Durrell, whose life had fallen apart, decided to move from Bournemouth to the Greek island of Corfu. Her husband had died some years earlier and she has financial problems, when she suddenly announces that she and her four children will move to the island and a Homeric battle ensues as the family adapt to life on the island, especially when they discover that Corfu does not even have electricity at that time. But it is cheap, an earthly paradise and the Durrell family make the big step that will change their lives. - IMDb

Year: 2008
Country: France
Genre: Short / Fantasy
Review: In a lost town, an unexpected encounter between a grown-up and a child is going to change their slow-moving surroundings. The first is a ten year old boy, the other is three times older. One has to run away to construct himself, while the other has to return to his origins to reconstruct himself. On the deck of an old boat which has run aground, these two Little Princes, lost in the confusion of age and maturity, are searching for ways to relieve the world, the very world which is sinking around them. With their naivety, these two beings give us a lesson in altruism. The result of this quest through imagination is a strange invention. A dreamlike machine which will perturb the life of the town's people, and which will give two free spirits the possibility to make their dream come true. Chaplin was right, our tragedies have the importance we give them. Because everything becomes so beautiful, when the adults finally put on a child smile. Everything is so light when houses begin to float in the sky. And everything becomes so poetic, when both boys finally leave the earth and fly away aboard their big sailboat for a dreamlike journey. - IMDb

Le retour de Martin Guerre
Year: 1982
Country: France
Genre: Biography / Crime / Drama / History / Mystery / Romance
Review: During the middle of the 16th century, Martin Guerre returns to his village in southwestern France, after being away in the war for almost a decade. The villagers who knew him as a young man suspect he is not Martin, but he seems to know all about his friends, his family and his wife, even the most unusual things. Is this man really Martin Guerre? - IMDb

Je m'appelle Hmmm...
Year: 2013
Country: France
Genre: Drama
Review: A fiction. An 11 year old runaway, the oldest daughter of three. An absent mother, an abusive father, a grandmother too pure to imagine what is going on. A field trip, the girl disappears... she has found refuge in a truck; an initiatory journey, a chance meeting, new encounters; a wonderful and tragic road movie with a Scottish truck driver "when love just happens". - IMDb

Les lyonnais
Year: 2011
Country: France Belgium
Genre: Drama / Thriller
Review: After growing up in a poor gypsy camp, Edmond Vidal, aka Momon, has retained a sense of family, unfailing loyalty and pride in his origins. Most of all, he has remained friends with Serge Suttel, with whom he first discovered prison life - for stealing cherries. The two of them inevitably got involved in organized crime. The team they formed, the Gang Des Lyonnais, made them the most notorious armed robbers of the early 1970s. Their irresistible rise ended in 1974 with a spectacular arrest. Today, as he nears 60, Momon would like to forget that part of his life. He has found peace by retiring from the "business". He tends to his wife Janou, who suffered so in the past, and to his children and grandchildren, all of whom have great respect for this man of simple and universal values, so clear-headed and full of kindness. But then Serge Suttel, who has disowned nothing of his past, comes back into the picture. - IMDb

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