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Die Wilden Hühner und das Leben

GwenKillerby: A perfectly standard youth film, yet, it's so well made and the cast is acting so well, it's evolves to something special. Nice to see it is not zu feige to address lesbian love with 15 year old actresses, their age at the time of shooting.
Posted: 24 Oct 2014, 12:33

Five Children and It

oliver_twist: Magical and some lessons learned within this story/movie. but there are things that so little children might be not like, like Horace's laboratory and his "monster mastery".
Posted: 15 Oct 2014, 06:10

...First Do No Harm

oliver_twist: a great movie, yes. it's somehow promoting the Ketogenic Diet which is worthy of promoting. This is about a simple, happy family who suddenly is challenged by fate. The youngest son is starting to have seizures and receives not-so-sure & painful anti-epileptic treatments. Well, we can't blame the doctors, just doing their job.

Good job Seth Adkins.
Posted: 14 Oct 2014, 14:39


spnkng: Film take-up of the stage musical Chess by Benny Andersson and Björn Ulveaus.
Fantastic music and interesting story about love, the cold war and the opression and tyranny of the soviet regime as late as in the 80´s.
Posted: 13 Sep 2014, 20:57

Mysteriet på Greveholm

spnkng: The 1996 swedish advent calendar. Humorous, touching and cute story about the Olsson family, the two castle ghosts, two thievs, some crazy elves and a secret about the Count of the castle hidden for centruies.
You must watch this one!
Posted: 5 Sep 2014, 18:49

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Added Movies

Year: 1989
Country: USA
Genre: Crime / Thriller
Review: Sam Dietz, a New York cop recently reassigned to Los Angeles, joins the hunt for a serial killer who seemingly picks his victims at random from the telephone directory - but the closer he gets to cracking the case, the more personal the stakes become. - IMDb

Line of Duty
Year: 2013
Country: USA
Genre: Action / Crime / Thriller
Review: "Mission Park" follows the lives of four best friends who choose very different paths. Torn apart over time by their ambitions, their choices ultimately bring them back together on different sides of the law. In this urban crime drama, two young F.B.I. agents, Bobby Ramirez (Jeremy Ray Valdez) and Julian Medina (Will Rothhaar), go undercover to infiltrate an illegal drug organization run by the untouchable drug lord Jason Martinez (Walter Perez) and his right-hand man Derek Hernandez (Joseph Julian Soria). - IMDb

Exit Marrakech
Year: 2013
Country: Germany
Genre: Drama
Review: Troubled teenager Ben (16) unintentionally confronts his father Heinrich (Tukur), a successful German theatre director staging a play in Marrakesh, with his past and his neglected responsibilities. After a falling out with his estranged father, Ben loses himself in the shadowy Medina and sleazy nightclubs of Marrakesh, where he meets a feisty Berber girl Karima (18) and follows her to her hometown, far beyond the city and across unfamiliar and barren land. She helps him gain the courage to stand up to his father. - IMDb

Onneli ja Anneli
Year: 2014
Country: Finland
Genre: Family

Year: 2014
Country: UK
Genre: Short / Drama / Family
Review: Glyn is a 10 year-old Welsh boy who lives in an isolated area and dreams to become an astronaut. He finds refuge in a caravan adjacent to his house to escape from his authoritarian dad. Glyn's friend Rhodri is moving from the area and soon Glyn will be alone again. - IMDb

Year: 2013
Country: UK
Genre: Short / Drama / Family
Review: Out of prison and on the dole, Adam is determined to rekindle his relationship with his son, Francis, His efforts are hampered by his estranged partner, Laura, who is far from pleased that Adam is back on the scene. Frustrated with his life in dead-end Skelmersdale in the North West of England, Adam makes a drastic decision and takes to the road with Francis in tow, funding their adventure via a violent robbery. Adam hides the reality of his actions from Francis by spinning a childish fantasy for his son; insisting that they are pirates in search of buried treasure. But when Francis gets homesick the fantasy wears thin and Adam's love for his child drags him back to Skelmersdale to face the music. - IMDb

Year: 2008
Country: Russia
Genre: Crime / Drama / Thriller

Year: 2008
Country: Russia
Genre: Short

Pancho, el perro millonario
Year: 2014
Country: Spain
Genre: Comedy / Family

Dve legendy (TV Series)
Year: 2014
Country: Russia

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