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28 Jan 2020
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30 Jan 2020, 22:26

A middle-aged man frequently visits girl who works as some kind of prostitue (clients only talk to girls on telephone, and glass is between them, idk, not expert for prostitution). During their conversations she mentiones that she wants to travel with her boyfriend. By the end, a middle-aged man leaves her tickets on her working place while she is not there, and after some time he visits her again, but she has already gone. Then he leaves alone, and sits in snow, where he dies. (I am not sure about the last sentence, might be the case I mixed two movies, or maybe made it up )

He may be her father, or she just reminds him of his daughter, or something like that. It seems like it is from late 90s or early 2000s.


I remember only one particular scene, where man with umbrella is entering the spacious office and female secretary approaches him asking why, since it is not raining. That man enters the office and make director pass out with chloroform in bathroom. Then, two men comes in, and he shows them 9 dots puzzle (thinking outside the box) framed on the wall, while they wait for director. Later, explosion happens in office, and ceiling starts leaking, and the man opens umbrella and leaves unharmed, and secretary comes in screaming.

I am sure this movie is popular, but I can't remember more.

Thanks in advance.
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