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Author: Alfons

Movie: Cider with Rosie (2015)
Posted: 7 Oct 2015, 18:48
I noticed there's no "keyword" linked to this version. Does that mean they've omitted those scenes completely in this version?
Movie: Ebba och Didrik (1990)
Posted: 18 Jan 2015, 20:13
Some trivia: Based on a book by Christina Herrstr?m. Filmed in 1988.
Movie: My Little Princess (2011)
Posted: 4 May 2011, 02:44
Clearly based or somewhat inspired by Eva's own life & the odd relationship with her mother.
Movie: Allt flyter (2008)
Posted: 6 Apr 2011, 19:25
If anyone wondered, the direct translation of the title is "everything floats".
Movie: Charlotte for Ever (1986)
Posted: 19 Jul 2010, 06:54
Mookie is plain wrong, this was _not_ her first film! It did however cause some stir and people who've only seen bits from it still seem to think it was about a sexual relation between father and...
Movie: Eyes of an Angel (1991)
Posted: 21 Jan 2010, 00:31
was made in 1989 and released in 1991 (which means Raab's age around 11-12 at the time of filming). source: dvd cover
Movie: Volchok (2009)
Posted: 28 Nov 2009, 15:44
This film makes for a rather uneasy viewing. It seems that throughout the bulk of it, it is the girl that's in the role of the adult to some extent. For most of the scenes between the mother &...
Movie: Debuut, Het (1977)
Posted: 12 Nov 2009, 01:57
From the film's FAQ section on imdb: "Q: How old was the female lead (Marina de Graaf) in the picture? A: Shooting ended november 1976 - Marina was 16 years old at the time, turned 17 december...
Movie: Préparez vos mouchoirs (1978)
Posted: 1 Jun 2009, 22:44
This strange film (supposedly a 'comedy') could never in a million years be made this way in America today, probably nowhere in the world! Its 'plot' (if you could call it that) is about this woman...
Movie: Spermula (1976)
Posted: 8 Apr 2009, 01:31
In 1977 a german magazine featured an article, ranting in indignation about Irina Ionesco letting her then 11 year old daughter, Eva Ionesco, appear in this 'adult' film, and appearing naked at that...
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