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Dynasty (TV series 1981-1989)

Dynasty (USA)

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1981 January, 12
60 minutes
Production Company:


The saga of a wealthy Denver family in the oil business: Blake Carrington, the patriarch; Krystle, his former secretary and wife; his children: Adam, lost in childhood after a kidnapping; Fallon, pampered and spoiled; Steven, openly gay; and Amanda, hidden from him by his ex-wife, the conniving Alexis. Most of the show features the conflict between 2 large corporations, Blake's Denver Carrington and Alexis' ColbyCo. - IMDb

Der Denver-Clan West Germany
Der Denver-Clan West Germany
Dinastía Argentina
Dinastía Spain
Dinastía Peru
Dinastía (dubbed version) Uruguay
Dinastía Venezuela
Dinastia Brazil
Dinastia Portugal
Dinastia Romania
Dinastija Croatia
Dinastija Slovenia
Dinasztia Hungary
Dollars Denmark
Dynasteia (transliterated title) Greece
Dynastia Finland
Dynastia Poland
Dynastie France
Dynastiet Norway
Dynastin Sweden
Dynasty India
Dynasty India
Dynasty Italy
Dynasty Mexico
Dynasty Netherlands
Dynasty Philippines
Dynasty Singapore
Dynasty USA
Dynasty South Africa
Dynasty United Arab Emirates
Dynasty Australia
Dynasty Canada
Dynasty Canada
Dynasty Ecuador
Dynasty United Kingdom
Dynasty Indonesia
Dynasty Israel
Hanedan Turkey
Δυναστεία Greece
Династія Ukraine
Династија Serbia
Династия Russia
Династия Soviet Union
ダイナスティ Japan
다이너스티 South Korea

Children's Cast:

Jessica Player [5] Krystina Carrington
Katy Kurtzman [16] Lindsay Blaisdel (TV Episode: The Testimony) (1981)
Matthew Lawrence [4] Danny Carrington, Jr. (TV Episode: That Holiday Spirit) (1984)
Brandon Bluhm [8] L.B. (TV Episode: House of the Falling Son) (1987)
Joe El Rady [11] Youth (TV Episode: Alexis in Blunderland) (1988)
Justin Burnette [7] Danny Carrington