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Justice (TV series)

American Crime (USA)
Justice (USA)

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2006 August, 30
60 minutes
Crime / Drama / Thriller

Top-lawyer Ron Trott runs his own prestigious L.A. law firm, which offers first-rate criminal defense, charging top-dollar to the wealthy, guilty or innocent or civil party, or occasionally accepts a case for the publicity or for a friend. He has an elaborate team, mainly comprised of specialists, from detectives and ex-public prosecutor Luther Graves to various paralegals such as a specialist in jury-selection and psychology. However Trott has a bright right-hand, charming Tom Nicholson, who is likely to become at least as good a pleader, provided he can control one weakness Ron seems immune for: human feelings such as sympathy, sincere disgust or compassion can cloud the cool competitive killer-instinct to win at any cost to earn a king's ransom. - IMDb

American Crime USA
Igazság Hungary
Justice Belgium
Justice Philippines
Justice USA
Justice France
Justice Singapore
Justice Greece
Justice - Nel nome della legge Italy
Justice: Nicht schuldig! West Germany
Правосудие Russia

Children's Cast:

Makenzie Vega [12] Mary Nicks (TV Episode: Wrongful Death) (2006)
Colton Shires [11] Seth Rose (TV Episode: False Confession) (2007)
Isabelle Fuhrman [9] Grace O'Neil (TV Episode: Pilot) (2006)