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Robot Chicken (TV series)

A.D.D. TV (USA: working title)
Attatoy (USA: working title)
The Deep End (USA: working title)
Gold Dust Gasoline (USA: working title)
Junk in the Trunk (USA: working title)
Nightmare Generator (USA: working title)
The No-No Place (USA: working title)
Plastic Buffet (USA: working title)
S&M Presents (USA: working title)
The Sack (USA: working title)
Sweet J Presents (USA: working title)
Toyz in the Hood (USA: working title)
Vegetable Fun Fest (USA: working title)

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2005 February, 20
11 minutes
Animation / Comedy


Old-school stop-motion animation and fast-paced satire are the hallmarks of this eclectic show created by Seth Green and Matt Senreich. Action figures find new life as players in frenetic sketch-comedy vignettes that skewer TV, movies, music, and celebrities. It's television especially formulated for the Attention Deficit Disorder generation. - IMDb

A.D.D. TV (working title) USA
Attatoy (working title) USA
The Deep End (working title) USA
Frango Robô Brazil
Gold Dust Gasoline (working title) USA
Junk in the Trunk (working title) USA
Nightmare Generator (working title) USA
The No-No Place (working title) USA
Plastic Buffet (working title) USA
Pollo Robot Mexico
S&M Presents (working title) USA
The Sack (working title) USA
Sweet J Presents (working title) USA
Toyz in the Hood (working title) USA
Vegetable Fun Fest (working title) USA
Роботско пиле Serbia
Робоцип Ukraine
Робоцып Russia
ロボットチキン (Japanese title) Japan

Children's Cast:

Zachary Gordon [9] Charlie Brown / Linus Van Pelt / Franklin (TV Episode: Robot Chicken's Half-Assed Christmas Special) (2007)
Joey King [17] Polly Pocket / Draculaura (TV Episode: Yogurt in a Bag) (2016)
Maisie Williams [17] Black Cherry Pie / Shlorpette / Didi Pickles / ... (TV Episode: Link's Sausages) (2014)
Max Charles [9] School Kid / Cruel Kid (TV Episode: Executed by the State) (2012)
Rory Charles Thost [14] Linus Van Pelt / Charlie Brown (TV Episode: Vegetable Fun Fest) (2005)

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