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Victor - Der Schutzengel (TV series)

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2000 October, 11
45 minutes
Drama / Fantasy

The good go to Heaven - The best come back... Victor Petri leads a perfect life: Happily married, father of an eight year old son, David, and managing partner of a law firm he owns with his best friend Lars. Victor, a passionate sky diver, gives his wife an extraordinary birthday present: A tandem parachute jump. To their horror, the chute doesn't open correctly. Victor and his wife die tragically, leaving David an orphan in the care of his aunt Maria. When he awakes in the hospital, nobody seems to see or hear him. When he sees his own dead body lying in front of him, he starts to realize that he is in a different "reality". When he is run over by a bus, and still standing - he knows that he has been put back on earth with a purpose. Unbelievable but true, Victor materializes as the insurance salesman Ingolf Brandt, a real human being, if not a little boring. Victor has been reborn to be a guardian angel. His first task is to find his own murderer and protect his son, who having witnessed the manipulation of the parachute, is being hunted by a killer... - IMDb

Un Ange Nommé Victor France
Victor - Der Schutzengel West Germany
Victor, l'angelo custode Italy

Children's Cast:

Roxanne Borski [9] Miriam Bender (TV Episode: Blaues Licht und Martinshorn) (2001)
Patrick Baehr [8] David Petri (TV Episode: Eine Schar von Nikoläusen) (2000)
Maral Schäfer [10] Heike Ankersen (TV Episode: Claudias Geheimnis) (2001)