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Hallo Robbie! (TV series)

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2001 December, 29

When on TV?

10 May, 09:45 Heimatkanal
10 May, 18:25 Heimatkanal
10 May, 22:30 Heimatkanal
11 May, 03:00 Heimatkanal
11 May, 09:45 Heimatkanal
11 May, 18:25 Heimatkanal
11 May, 22:15 Heimatkanal

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I fili mas, i Robbi (transliterated ISO-LATIN-1 title) Greece
La nostra amica Robbie Italy
Robbie, a fóka Hungary

Children's Cast:

Mischa Knobloch [12] Tobias Reger (TV Episode: Gefährliches Treibgut) (2007)
Soraya Richter [9] Jana Cramer (TV Episode: Hoffnungslächeln) (2005)
Raphael Ghobadloo [16] Stefan (TV Episode: Flaschenpost) (2004)
Tim Troeger [10] Sven (TV Episode: Der Ausreißer) (2004)
Julian Paeth [17] Jan (TV Episode: Flaschenpost) (2004)
Liv Lisa Fries [17] Marie Kramer (TV Episode: Ein ruhiges Wochenende) (2007)
Xisa Eich [9] Lotta (TV Episode: Flammen der Liebe) (2006)

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