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Westenwind (TV series 1999-2003)

Director: Hans Scheepmaker, Marc Willard, Adriënne Wurpel ... more
Year: 1999
Country: Netherlands
Runtime: 60 minutes
Genre: Drama / Romance

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This Dallas-type series is about two competing Dutch families, Noordermeer and De Graaf, running ancestral firms in the Rotterdam shipbuilding business, each with numerous internal tensions, especially between the generations, as some are business-prone, others adverse, some ruthless, some soft or moralistic, but also with their staff, often meeting each-other in both ruthless commercial rivalry and personal relationships, again also with staff and third parties (clients, competitors, suppliers...), producing an intricate web of sub-plots, some sex, some crime etcetera. - IMDb

Children's Cast:

Merijn van Heiningen Niels Valken (TV Episode: Hoog spel, diepe val) (2000)
Saar Koningsberger Hansje Bots (TV Episode: De ereschuld) (2000)

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